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Group of IDF reservists take issue with Haaretz’s numerous anti-Israel articles

The Reservists group plans to distribute pamphlets containing selection of articles & op-eds from Israel’s left-wing newspaper, HAARETZ, that portray Israel as evil, and are used by the BDS movement & other Israel-haters, to justify their campaign to demonize, delegitimize & boycott Israel internationally.

By Yair Altman


The IDF reservists group ‘Reservists at the Front’ is taking aim at the Haaretz newspaper as part of its new campaign against the international boycott movement against Israel, which launches on Wednesday.

Anti-Israel material put out by the BDS movement features a column by Haaretz writer Gideon Levy

The campaign will distribute 20,000 copies of a publication similar in design to Haaretz, containing a selection of anti-Israel articles published by that newspaper. Continue Reading »

IDF reservists request permission to sue ‘Breaking the Silence’ for libel & slander


A group of IDF soldiers & officer, Reservists at the Front, has been working conscientious to collect facts to confirm for a court, that Breaking the Silence “twists, manipulates & sometimes lies” which libels them.
• Since the litigants are still active IDF reservists, the group needs approval from the attorney general to proceed.

By Yori Yalon


Several hundred IDF combat reservists and officers who organized a committee titled Reservists at the Front are currently working to file a slander lawsuit against the nongovernmental organization Breaking the Silence, which publishes testimonies, often anonymous, about alleged IDF misdeeds. The reservists claim that Breaking the Silence intentionally and consistently disseminates outright lies. Continue Reading »