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ISIS suicide bomber from Gaza kills Hamas commander, injurers others

When Hamas security forces at the Rafah crossing into Egypt tried to stop two Salafists terrorists, one of them set off an explosion, killing the Hamas commander and wounding several others.

By Elior Levy, Roi Kais


A commander in Hamas’s military wing was killed early Thursday in an ISIS suicide bombing at the Rafah border crossing, which connects the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

According to the Gazan Interior Ministry, Hamas forces stopped for a security check two people who were nearing the border crossing from inside the strip when one of them set off an explosion, likely from a suicide belt. Continue Reading »

Hamas Accuses PA President of Treachery, Responsible for Gaza’s Recent Bombing Attacks

After allegedly securing confessions, the ruling Islamist group of Gaza reverses its claim that Salafis have been committing bombings, saying orders came from President Abbas’ PA.

By Elior Levy


Hamas claimed on Wednesday that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for a series of bombings in recent weeks, after previously accusing local Salafis who support the Islamic State.

Naim Abu Ful in his alleged confession
Naim Abu Ful in his alleged confession

The Interior Ministry of Hamas in Gaza said at a midday press conference that the PA tried to exploit the regional security situation in order to destabilize the Gaza Strip.

Hamas claimed it arrested a number of people involved in the alleged conspiracy, which it said was led by senior political and security officials in Ramallah.

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Hamas terror government being terrorized by ISIS in Gaza

Gaza-based expert says local population exposed to the views of Salafi groups that embrace a more radical version of Islam, but offer an alternative to Hamas’ corruption.

By Elizabeth Blade


Earlier this month Hamas “police” stormed the Gaza home of Yunis Hunnar, believed to be a member of a Salafi group linked to ISIS. A Hamas spokesman later said Hunnar had carried out attacks against the ruling group in May. Nor was it the first time Hamas’ rule had been challenged by Islamists more radical than itself.

In 2006 – in tight cooperation with Hamas’ military wing – a Salafi cell called “Soldiers of Allah” kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Continue Reading »

Al Qaida-inspired jihadi movement challenging Hamas in Gaza


The rise of organized, heavily armed militant jihadi movements in the seaside strip poses serious threat to both Israel – and Hamas.


A leader of one of Gaza‘s secretive jihadi groups says the al-Qaida-inspired movement now has several thousand armed fighters in the seaside strip, posing a formidable threat to both Israel and the area’s Hamas rulers.

Palestinian members from Youth Salafists group chant slogans

Palestinian members from Youth Salafists group chant slogans, Gaza, August 22, 2013.- Photo: AP

In an interview with The Associated Press, Abu Bakir al-Ansari described a movement that is larger and better organized than is generally believed, with dozens of fighters now in Syria, and claimed his group killed an Italian activist three years ago.

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Sinai Salafists Responsible for Yesterday’s Rocket Attack on Eilat

The Sinai-based jihadi group, Ansar Bayt al-Makdis, declares that ‘the Jews will only see injury from us.’

By Tova Dvorin



The Long War Journal reports Tuesday that a Sinai-based Salafist group has claimed responsibility for Monday’s rocket fire on Eilat.

The jihadist group, named Ansar Jerusalem or Ansar Bayt al Makdis, posted on Gaza based social media a statement boasting the attack.

“Our war with the enemy in Egypt has not dissuaded us from the war against the first enemy of our nation,” the statement claims. “With Allah’s help, the Jews will only see injury from us.”

The organization is believed to be the most prominent group operating against the Egyptian army in recent months. Continue Reading »

Hamas Arrests 2 Salafists for Rocket Attacks on Israel

Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist movement has arrested 2 hardline Islamists for their participation on rocket attacks at Israel.

By Elad Benari



The Hamas terrorist movement, which rules Gaza, has arrested two hardline Islamists in connection with rocket attacks on Israel, sources close to a Salafist group told AFP on Thursday.

Gaza Salafists wave Al-Qaeda flag during protest – Photo: AFP

The Hamas interior ministry, however, denied that any arrests had been made for “resistance against the occupation.”

Hamas’s “internal security apparatus in the last two days arrested two mujahedeen. One was released after several hours. The other is still detained,” a Salafist source told AFP on condition of anonymity. Continue Reading »