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Future Saudi King blames Palestinians as ‘main obstacle to peace’

Saudi Crown Prince tells Palestinian leader to “shut up and stop complaining” after having purposely “missed opportunities again and again, and rejected all the offers it was given.”

By Israel Today Staff


Saudi Arabia’s future king, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, apparently sees the Palestinian leadership as the primary obstacle to peace in the Holy Land.

That according to an Israel Channel 10 News report on the prince’s meeting with Jewish leaders in New York last month.

According to remarks attributed to the Saudi leader, he mercilessly criticized the Palestinian Authority for failing to make peace with Israel over the 40 years of the current peace process. Continue Reading »

Arab leaders unimpressed with Abbas’ politics, seek alternative Jerusalem policy

Jordan teams up with Egypt and Saudi Arabia to devise new policy fearing Abbas’ strategy in response to President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration will undermine its special status as caretaker of the Temple Mount.

By Daniel Siryoti


Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are displeased with the way the Palestinian Authority has reacted to U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and his decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy to the city, Israel Hayom has learned.

Some Arab Quartet states stopped their donations in mid-2016 in order to pressure PA President Mahmoud Abbas to initiate political reforms that will lead to peace with Israel.

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NYT reports: Saudi peace plan favors Israel, issues ultimatum to Abbas

Among the numerous decisions that please Israel, the report also said the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince offered the PA despot Abbas a direct payment, and gave him two months to accept the conditions.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A November meeting between Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman included a discussion of a peace plan largely favoring Israel, The New York Times reported.

Israeli PM Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Mohammed ben Salmane with a very unhappy Palestinian autocrat, Mahmoud Abbas – Photos: Wikimedia

According to the Times’ report, bin Salman’s plan offers the PA noncontiguous parts of Judea and Samaria, with limited sovereignty and without eastern Jerusalem as its capital city. Continue Reading »

PA official: Palestinians will sabotage Trump regional peace plan with Israel


Palestinian officials oppose Trump peace plan: “This plan will not go into effect because the Palestinian leadership will not let it, even if there is support from some of the Arab countries. First find a solution to the Palestinian issue, and afterwards Israel can normalize its relations with whatever country it wants.”

By Daniel Siryoti


Senior Palestinian Authority officials are demanding that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas clarify U.S. President Donald Trump’s reported plan to focus on regional peace between Arab countries and Israel before addressing the Palestinian issue, as Israel Hayom reported Thursday.

During his visit to Bethlehem on Tuesday, Trump told Abbas he was interested in launching a regional peace plan based on the 2002 Saudi Peace Initiative that would normalize relations between Israel and moderate Arab countries. Continue Reading »

Report: Arab states willing to tweak Saudi peace initiative for Israel


Israel’s TV10 reports Egypt & Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states, are reportedly willing to change their demands on the Jewish State in exchange for a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

By Ben Ariel, Canada


Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Jordan and Egypt, are prepared to discuss with Israel changes to the Saudi peace initiative in order to resume peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA), Channel 10 News revealed on Friday.

In return for a peace agreement with the PA, those countries would reportedly change their attitude towards Israel.

Western diplomatic sources quoted by Channel 10 said that Arab countries have been sending messages to Israel through various emissaries, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, saying they are expecting to receive from Israel a response to the Saudi peace initiative and are also expecting Israel to make gestures towards the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, so that peace talks can be relaunched and those countries could ultimately change their public attitude to Israel. Continue Reading »