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Israeli Doctors Fly to Kyrgyzstan and Restore Sight to 90 Patients in ‘Eye From Zion’ Initiative


A Jewish volunteer delegation of Israeli medical professionals traveled to Kyrgyzstan and restored the eyesight of 90 adults & children while instructing the local doctors & support teams on their medical techniques.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


A group of doctors from Israel restored the eyesight of 90 adults and children in Kyrgyzstan earlier this month in an ambitious endeavor undertaken by the Eye from Zion organization.

A team of Eye from Zion volunteers operate on a patient – Photo: Eye from Zion

Eye from Zion is a volunteer Israeli-Jewish group established to provide medical treatment to underprivileged populations around the world. Continue Reading »

Study: Israeli Arabs hospitalized in Israel recognize an affinity with Israel

Study conducted by an Israeli hospital determined that the parents of Israeli Arab children, that have been treated in Israeli hospitals, feel a stronger sense of loyalty with the State of Israel. 

By Rotem Elizera 


Despite all the rifts in the Israeli society, there is one place where we’re all equal: The hospital. 

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh with his granddaughter, who was hospitalized at the Schneider Children’s Medical Center in 2013. (The study apparently does not apply to him or his ilk that became mega-millionaires perpetuating the Arab-Israel conflict.)

When it comes to sick children, the feeling of solidarity between the patients and their family members from all ends of society is even deeper, and they all feel the same concern for the sick child. Continue Reading »

Israeli innovation combats stunted growth in children

Clinical trials with dietary supplement formulated by Israeli scientists have children growing 1-2 centimeters more than the group taking placebos.


A new dietary supplement developed at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel has successfully helped children in the bottom 10th percentile for height and weight grow taller and gain weight. The supplement, named Up-Pro, will be available in stores in the near future.

A new dietary supplement has been shown to help children in the bottom 10th percentile for height and weight to grow taller and gain weight [Illustrative] – Photo: GettyImages

Studies show that children who took the supplement grew 1-2 centimeters taller than the control group, who were given placebos. Continue Reading »

Israeli doctors unable to save Hamas PM’s granddaughter, returns to Gaza ‘clinically dead’

Israeli Doctors in Petah Tikva deemed 1yr-old Amal Haniyeh’s chances of survival slim, before returning her home to Gaza.



The granddaughter of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was returned from an Israeli hospital to the Gaza Strip on Tuesday reportedly in a state of “clinical death” after Israeli doctors were unable to save her, AFP cited Palestinian sources as saying Monday.

Haniyeh speaks in front of the 'Mavi Marmara,' Mon

Haniyeh speaks in front of the ‘Mavi Marmara,’ Mon – Photo: REUTERS/Osman Orsal

The one-year-old Amal Haniyeh was admitted in serious condition to Schneider Children’s Medical Center for Israel in Petah Tikva on Sunday after being diagnosed with an acute digestive tract infection, source in Gaza said. Continue Reading »

Palestinian boy saved by Jewish kidney donation

Palestinian child saved by family who’s son suffered brain death

Peres: We are proud of your contribution to peace.


Sarit and Avi Naor, who donated a kidney from their son Noam to a 10-year-old Palestinian boy on dialysis for seven years, received a phone call from President Shimon Peres on Sunday.

Palestinian boy who got a kidney donation from Jewish boy.

Palestinian boy who got a kidney donation from Jewish boy. – Photo: Courtesy Schneider Medical Center

Noam suffered irreversible lower-brain death after falling from a fourth-story window in his home to the second floor below.

“This is one of the most moving contributions to peace. It exploded all prejudices,” Peres told the parents.

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