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Historic observation of Neutron star collision vindicates Israeli scientist’s theory

Vindicated: The once-ridiculed Prof. Piran, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said he was treated with ‘utter contempt’ after publishing his heavy-metals effect prediction of a Neutron star collision, back in 1989.

By i24NEWS


For the first time, scientists have witnessed the cataclysmic crash of two ultra-dense neutron stars in a galaxy far away, and concluded that such impacts forged at least half the gold in the Universe.

But the observation is both exciting and perhaps almost bittersweet for a group of Israeli scientists who predicted the idea which was dismissed by the scientific community at the time.

Astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have discovered the largest and brightest set of rings from X-ray light echoes ever observed.

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VIDEO: New Israeli System Neutralizes IED, Roadside Bomb Threat


Since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, over 2,000 American troops have lost their lives to improvised explosive devices. This new system locates, identifies, and can destroy them before they injure, or worse.



After three years of development, Israel Aerospace Industries has begun testing its Counter Improvised Explosive Device and Mine Suite mobile system.

The system can identify, locate and destroy improvised explosive devices and mines before troops even reach them.

According to project manager Reuven Y., the system, which is not yet operational, “is a new concept that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. It is a breakthrough technology against IEDs.” Continue Reading »

An Israeli First: Israel launches 2 satellites together this week


This coming Wednesday, the Israel Space Agency will launch two satellites into space from the French launch center in Koro, New Guinea, one a spy satellite, the other for research.
– Israel Space Agency chief, Avi Blasberger: ‘Several countries are interested in our observation satellites.’

By Udi Etsion<


In 1984, Avi Blasberger was one of the first engineers at the Elop company, now owned by Elbit Systems, transferred to working on a top secret project: developing the camera for Israel’s forthcoming spy satellite, a capability only possessed by the US and the USSR at the time.

Illustration of the VENµS satellite – Image credit- CNES, IAI

“Years later, a South Korean delegation visited us and asked who taught us to build satellites,” recounts Blasberger, now the director of the Israel Space Agency. Continue Reading »