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Israeli Researchers Develop MRI Protocols For Early Alzheimer Diagnosis

The new MRI technique developed by Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers is especially important for understanding whether a patient is merely getting older or is developing a disease such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

By Naama Barak


MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, already does pretty amazing work giving us a better picture of what’s happening on our insides. But it is about to do even more amazing work, helping doctors determine more quickly the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.

A team of researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, led by Dr. Aviv Mezer, found a way for MRIs to record changes in the biological makeup of brain tissue. Continue Reading »

Israeli scientists identify molecules that may treat fatty liver disease, obesity

A team of Hebrew University of Jerusalem scientists used an award-winning algorithm to identify 27 molecules with the significant potential for the treatment of obesity, fatty liver disease, among other ailments.

By Abigail Klein Leichman


In a newly published study in Scientific Reports, a team from Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute for Drug Research reports its discovery of 27 new molecules that activate a protein called PPAR-delta, which has the potential to increase physical endurance and trim waistlines by getting muscle cells to burn more fat.

These molecules therefore hold promise for the treatment of fatty liver disease and obesity, among other ailments. Continue Reading »

Hebrew U students welcome Lara Alqasem with “Have you no shame?” posters

After Israel’s Supreme Court nixed the deportation of pro-BDS student Alqasem, Hebrew University of Jerusalem students hung posters just ahead of her arrival, saying, “We don’t want you here!”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Dozens of anti-BDS anti-terror posters directed at master’s degree candidate Lara Alqasem were hung and distributed today, Sunday, on Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus ahead of Alqasem’s arrival.

Poster at Hebrew Uuniversity – Im Tirtzu

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday evening against the state’s position that Alqasem is prohibited from entering the country under Israel’s anti-BDS law, which bars non-citizen supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement from visiting Israel. Continue Reading »

Hebrew U of J’lem seeks to terminate entry ban for detained US student

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has applied to the Tel Aviv court for permission to join the defense team representing the American student, Lara Alqasem, who is still awaiting an appeal against deportation from her holding-cell at the Ben Gurion Int’l airport’s detention facility.

By i24NEWS – AFP


A US student refused entry for alleged support of a pro-Palestinian boycott of goods from Israeli has chosen to stay and fight the ban in court with the support of the Hebrew University where she had intended to spend a year studying.

Immigration authority spokeswoman Sabine Haddad told AFP late Tuesday that Lara Alqasem was being held at an immigration facility but was not under arrest. Continue Reading »

Israeli researchers develop ‘cluster bomb’ pill to eradicate leukemic proteins

Being developed for oral use, not an injection, the ground-breaking treatment for acute myeloid leukemia will accomplish the work of 3-4 separate drugs, reduce cancer patients’ need for radical procedures and eliminate some unbearable side effects.
• The Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers are  trying to expand the drug’s use to other cancers.

By Ran Reznick, Erez Linn, Maytal Yasur Beit-Or & Israel Hayom Staff


Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have recently developed a breakthrough biological drug to treat people suffering from acute myeloid leukemia.

AML is one of the most aggressive cancers, and while other cancers have benefited from new treatments, there has been little encouraging news for most leukemia patients for the past 40 years, the researchers said in a statement. Continue Reading »

Historic observation of Neutron star collision vindicates Israeli scientist’s theory

Vindicated: The once-ridiculed Prof. Piran, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said he was treated with ‘utter contempt’ after publishing his heavy-metals effect prediction of a Neutron star collision, back in 1989.

By i24NEWS


For the first time, scientists have witnessed the cataclysmic crash of two ultra-dense neutron stars in a galaxy far away, and concluded that such impacts forged at least half the gold in the Universe.

But the observation is both exciting and perhaps almost bittersweet for a group of Israeli scientists who predicted the idea which was dismissed by the scientific community at the time.

Astronomers using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory have discovered the largest and brightest set of rings from X-ray light echoes ever observed.

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Weizmann Institute ranks 10 in computer sciences, Hebrew University ranked 11 in math


The Weizmann Institute of Science gets ranked at 10 in computer sciences, 50 in chemistry while the Hebrew University of Jerusalem makes a significant jump in the prestigious Shanghai Ranking, to 11th place in mathematics.

By Ynet


The Hebrew University in Jerusalem has been ranked 11 in the field of mathematics according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), an annual publication of university rankings by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy, which was released on Wednesday.

This is a significant jump for the university, which was ranked 51-75 last year.Among the first 100 in math are other Israeli academic institutions, including the Technion, Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science. Continue Reading »

Israel discovery ‘fatten fish’ by 25% more weight to help feed the world


To feed the expanding world population, Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers are developing the technology to generate growth enhancers for farmed fish.

Arutz Sheva Staff


As the world faces a projected population increase from today’s 7.5 billion people to 9 billion people by 2050, the demand for sustainable food sources is on the rise. The answer to this looming dilemma may well reside within the booming field of aquaculture. While wild fisheries have been on the decline for the last 20 years, aquaculture, or fish farming, is the fastest growing food-producing sector in the world, and will play an increasingly vital role in our planet’s food resources in the years to come. Continue Reading »

BUSINESS: Israel’s new AIDS cure soon to be marketed


Zion Pharmaceutical, founded 30 months ago to manufacture the AIDS and cancer treatment drugs developed by Prof. Abraham Loyter of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is seeking the finances to enter the market.

By Gali Weinreb of the Globes


Last week, a new HIV treatment hit the headlines, after it had been tested in the blood of ten patients and found effective in the destruction of cells infected with AIDS – without damaging healthy cells. The drug was developed by Prof. Abraham Loyter from the Hebrew University, and the technology has been commercialized through a company called Zion Pharmaceutical by Yissum, the Hebrew University’s technology commercialization company. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Digital analysis brings charred Leviticus scroll back to life


view videoThe burned scroll from the 1st centuries C.E., found to contain Torah verses that are identical to modern versions, was deciphered using unprecedented digital technology by American researchers along with a team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

By Yori Yalon


Cutting-edge digital technology has brought a charred ancient Torah scroll dated to the first centuries C.E. back to life, and revealed that the scroll contains chapters from the biblical book of Leviticus.


Ein Gedi Scroll, also known as the Leviticus Scroll, is most ancient Hebrew scroll since the Dead Sea Scrolls. – PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY PROF SEALES ET AL.

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Historical discovery of Egyptian statue with hieroglyphic script found at Tel-Hazor


Tel Hazor, north of the Sea of Galilee, is Israel’s largest biblical-era site, a UNESCO Heritage Site, and where the only monumental Egyptian statues found so far in 2nd millennium contexts in the entire Levant.



In a historic find, a large limestone fragment of an Egyptian statue depicting an ancient official’s feet, was discovered at Tel-Hazor, north of the Sea of Galilee, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced on Monday.

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem develops blood-test to find diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancers

Israel’s groundbreaking new blood test, still in early stages, could save countless lives by detecting diseases such as pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, diabetes, traumatic brain injury & multiple sclerosis early on.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


An experimental blood test may one day be able to detect a range of diseases including cancer and multiple sclerosis, based on signatures of DNA from dying cells, researchers said Monday.

Blood test (illustration) – iStock

The work, described in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal, is still in its early stages, but opens up vast possibilities, the study authors said.
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Einstein’s papers in Jerusalem prove theory written century earlier


David Reitze of Caltech, who announced the discovery of gravitational waves in Washington on Thursday, proved Albert Einstein’s theory that was written 100 years earlier.

By i24news


It took a century, but the theory from Albert Einstein handwritten neatly on paper that is now yellowing has finally been vindicated.

Israeli Professor Barak Kol, head of the physics department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, shows formula written by Albert Einstein related to his prediction of the existence of gravitational waves on February 11, 2016 – Photo : AFP /Thomas Coex

Israeli officials on Thursday offered a rare look at the documents where Einstein presented his ideas on gravitational waves, a display that coincided with the historic announcement that scientists had glimpsed the first direct evidence of his theory. Continue Reading »

Former ICC prosecutor: Israel’s High Court decision could save settlements from war crime status




Where the Israeli High Court of Justice has approved specific settlements as legal, this could provide a complete defense to any allegations that they are war crimes, former International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told the Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Israeli flag

A girl holds an Israeli flag on a hilltop near the Maaleh Adumim settlement. – Photo: REUTERS

Moreno-Ocampo is in Jerusalem lecturing at the The Fried-Gal Transitional Justice Initiative at the Hebrew University Law School. Continue Reading »

Israeli micro-antenna will revolutionize treatment of small tumors

Hebrew University of Jerusalem students are working on micro-antenna that can be inserted into the stomach to detect & treat cancers too small to be treated with available methods.

By Yori Yalon


Students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem are developing an innovative micro-antenna able to focus radiation at tiny tumors in the digestive tract.

An image of the innovative new antenna, which will revolutionize treatment of small tumors

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