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President Trump Nominated for 2nd Nobel for Serbia & Kosovo Agreement

A member of the Swedish Parliament has nominated President Donald Trump for his second Nobel Prize in honor of his Serbia & Kosovo Agreement, which follows a Norwegian MP who nominated Donald Trump on Wednesday for his peace agreement between Israel and the UAE.



The nomination was announced by Magnus Jacobson a member of the Swedish Parliament for the Christian Democrats party.

“I have nominated the US Gov. and the governments of Kosovo and Serbia for the Nobel Peace Prize for their joint work for peace and economic development, through the cooperation agreement signed in the White House,” he wrote in English on Twitter. Continue Reading »

AIRPORT ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Air Serbia’s Flight to Palestine Leaving From Gate C3’


At the Serbian Int’l airport Israelis waiting to return home from Belgrade were shocked to hear the gate announcement that their flight was to Palestine, and were told that Tel Aviv in fact, is not in Israel.

By Itamar Eichner


Land crew at Serbia’s Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade has recently informed Air Serbia passengers flying to Tel Aviv that boarding had begun for the flight to “Palestine.”

Air Serbia – Photo: Shutterstock

The incident, which occurred on August 29 ahead of Air Serbia’s JUO 816 night flight from Belgrade to Tel Aviv, created uproar at the airport, with Israeli passengers refusing to get on the plane until the correct announcement was made.
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Belgrade bloggers captivated over Israel

6 young, influential Serbian bloggers fall in love with the Jewish State after finding ‘wonderful people, outstanding food, and soldiers with big guns & huge smiles’

By Itamar Eichner


“If we could, we would stay in Tel Aviv forever. The people are wonderful, the food is outstanding, the views are splendid, the soldiers walk around with big guns and huge smiles and they are much nicer than our civil servants.”

Serbians "like" Israel (Archives) Photo: Desa Fogel

Serbians “like” Israel – Photo: Desa Fogel

This is the impression Israel made on bloggers from Belgrade, Serbia who returned to their country enamored with the Jewish state.

The six skillful and curious bloggers who write on an array of topics were brought to Israel on a joint Foreign Ministry-Tourism Ministry venture. Continue Reading »