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HISTORIC: Israeli plane makes 1st public, non-stop to Saudi Arabia

Although no commercial flights are scheduled between Saudi Arabia and Israel, as the two states still share no official relations, direct flights between the two states are a considerable move forward in Saudi-Israeli relations.



An Israeli private jet landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Tuesday morning, per KAN news, marking the first time a public flight from Israel has ever landed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

HISTORIC: President Trump on Air Force One’s flight to the Jewish State was the first flight to have a publicized flight plan to successfully fly directly (non-stop) from Saudi Arabia to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

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AIRPORT ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Air Serbia’s Flight to Palestine Leaving From Gate C3’


At the Serbian Int’l airport Israelis waiting to return home from Belgrade were shocked to hear the gate announcement that their flight was to Palestine, and were told that Tel Aviv in fact, is not in Israel.

By Itamar Eichner


Land crew at Serbia’s Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade has recently informed Air Serbia passengers flying to Tel Aviv that boarding had begun for the flight to “Palestine.”

Air Serbia – Photo: Shutterstock

The incident, which occurred on August 29 ahead of Air Serbia’s JUO 816 night flight from Belgrade to Tel Aviv, created uproar at the airport, with Israeli passengers refusing to get on the plane until the correct announcement was made.
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Knesset to decide on limited public transport on Saturdays

Yesh Atid Knesset members seek to allow minibuses to run to & from city centers on Shabbat and holidays, allowing the economically weaker sector travel, not just car-owners.

By Gideon Allon


Yesh Atid MKs Yael German, Karin Elharrar and Yoel Razvozov intend to put forth a private member’s bill that would allow local authorities to operate public transportation on Saturday. The bill would permit minibuses to run within each locality and on intercity roads.

Will the No. 5 bus run down Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv on Saturdays, too? – Photo: Yehoshua Yosef

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400,000 Israelis flying abroad for Passover


Top destinations for Israeli travelers are the U.S., England, France, Italy, Russia & Germany with 20,000 Israelis expected to fly to Turkey, despite security travel warning.

Increase in travel attributed to low cost airline tickets entering the Israeli market.

By Ilan Gategno


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Thousands escaped Jerusalem During Historic Winter Storm

Israel Railways took the unprecedented step of running trains for the first time into and out of Jerusalem during Shabbat to aid people escape the worst of the storm.

By Ryan Jones


The massive three-day winter storm that slammed Israel over the weekend finally came to an end on Sunday, though its effects were still being felt throughout the country, especially in Jerusalem and the Galilee.

Thousands Fleeing Jerusalem During Massive Winter Storm – Photo source: Israel Today

During the height of the storm, hundreds of people were stranded on the roads leading in and out of Jerusalem, and thousands fled the capital via train. Continue Reading »

More pets flying with Israeli owners more frequently than ever before


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