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Arabs Would Benefit Greatly from Normalization with Israel

‘Israel is stronger and more stable than the Arab states on almost every front. If Arab states followed the Jewish state’s example, then we, too, would become prosperous like America and Europe.’

– Arabs Have Everything to Gain from Normalization with Israel By


As an Arab activist and writer, I call on the Arab world to normalize relations with Israel, a move that would be almost entirely to our benefit alone. Israel would gain very little from this in practical terms, while Arabs stand to gain tremendously.

The State of Israel is stronger and more stable than the Arab states on almost all fronts. Continue Reading »

After his visit, Saudi blogger debunks pervasive lies about Israel

WATCH: Saudi Blogger, Mohammed Saud, confesses visiting Israel was ‘Like Being in Heaven’ saying, ‘I invite you to visit Israel. You will find the propaganda and bad media about Israel not true.’

By Israel Today Staff


Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud was harshly criticized and even violently attacked by Palestinian Arab hardliners for his high-profile visit to Israel last month.

But that didn’t stop Saud from speaking his mind and telling the truth about the situation in an interview with Israeli Messianic YouTuber Hananya Naftali.

In particular, Saud noted that he had grown up believing that Israeli Jews and local Arabs did not at all get along, and the image portrayed by the mainstream media only reinforced that belief. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Saudi slams Palestinians for exploiting religion, to milk the world for cash

In the viral video, a Saudi blogger slams the Palestinian Authority saying, “You’re a bunch of dogs, rabid dogs, who only bark at those that feed them. You’ve turned your [political] issues into a source of income. You’ve turned our shared religion [Islam] into a way of making money.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is still nominally allied with the Palestinian Authority, a long-time client of the oil-rich custodian of Islam’s holiest cities, recent reports suggest ties between the two have been cooling in recent years.

Covert cooperation with Israel against the common foe of Iran, along with the support of some Palestinian Arab factions of the Tehran regime, have encouraged the Saudi leadership to push the PA to accept a negotiated peace with Israel, even on terms less favorable than previous offers. Continue Reading »

Gallivanting Jewish Israeli blogger in Riyadh, Medina holy mosques outrages Saudis

Posting a hosts of selfies to Facebook and Instagram showing the Israeli Jewish blogger living it up in the Islamic Kingdom, while wearing a kefiyah, is causing an uproar in Saudi Arabia.

By Israel Today Staff


An Israeli Jewish blogger recently did what few others would dare by traveling (presumably on a foreign passport) to Saudi Arabia.

But Ben Tzion didn’t only go to Saudi Arabia, he let everyone know about it, in rather epic fashion, via Facebook.

Ben Tzion posted a number of selfies with both local officials and average Saudis.

In all of the shots, he was wearing an Arab headdress, or kefiyah, which along with his beard was the perfect disguise. Continue Reading »

Arabic-language media representatives from Algeria and Tunisia in Israel


Israel’s Foreign Ministry hosts a North African media delegation of journalists & bloggers from Algeria and Tunisia in its 6th such initiative of bringing Arabic-language media representatives to empirically learn the truth about the Jewish State.

By Itamar Eichner


Six North African bloggers and journalists have arrived in Israel as guests of the foreign ministry at the invitation of the Deputy Spokesman for Arab Media, Hassan Kaabiya.This is the sixth such initiative undertaken to bring Arabic-language media representatives to Israel.

North African Bloggers visiting the Temple Mount – Photo courtesy

Until now, journalists from Morocco have come to Israel, but this is the first time journalists from Algeria and Tunisia have paid a visit.

Continue Reading »

Belgrade bloggers captivated over Israel

6 young, influential Serbian bloggers fall in love with the Jewish State after finding ‘wonderful people, outstanding food, and soldiers with big guns & huge smiles’

By Itamar Eichner


“If we could, we would stay in Tel Aviv forever. The people are wonderful, the food is outstanding, the views are splendid, the soldiers walk around with big guns and huge smiles and they are much nicer than our civil servants.”

Serbians "like" Israel (Archives) Photo: Desa Fogel

Serbians “like” Israel – Photo: Desa Fogel

This is the impression Israel made on bloggers from Belgrade, Serbia who returned to their country enamored with the Jewish state.

The six skillful and curious bloggers who write on an array of topics were brought to Israel on a joint Foreign Ministry-Tourism Ministry venture. Continue Reading »