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Israeli synthetic cornea could restore eyesight to millions worldwide

The first implants of the Israeli startup CorNeat Vision’s synthetic cornea, which bio-integrates with the host’s eye, has received approval to conduct clinical trials on patients at Beilinson Hospital in central Israel.

By ILH Staff


The Israeli startup CorNeat Vision has received approval to conduct clinical trials of a synthetic cornea that bio-integrates with the human eye.

The Health Ministry-approved trial of the CorNeat KPro will be run at Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva on 10 patients suffering from corneal blindness who are either not candidates for or have experienced one or more failed cornea transplants, the company announced last week. Continue Reading »

Israelis Invent Gasless Engine Operated on Alcohol & Water

After simple modifications to existing automotive engines, this revolutionary ‘green’ engine is up to 60% more efficient than the gasoline version and will even save 50% on fuel costs and produce far fewer emissions than gasoline or diesel.



In the annals of business, successful companies that originated in the garages of their founders have assumed an almost mythic significance. Corporate giants such as Apple, Google and Hewlett-Packard all began in small workshops adjacent to their creators’ homes. Now, another small, garage-based family business run by three Israelis near Miami, Florida, that says that they have succeeded in reinventing the internal combustion engine is aiming to join the elite group of legendary garage-based startups. Continue Reading »

Chinese invest $20 million in Israeli ‘smart clothing’ startup


view videoKfar Saba-based cardiac monitoring clothing HealthWatch, raises $20 million from Chinese company Yiling, who will also market HealthWatch’s product in China.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Israeli startup HealthWatch Technologies, which develops cardiac monitoring garments, announced Monday a $20 million investment by Chinese company Yiling, which specializes in Chinese medicine and is now in the process of branching out into conventional medicine.

According to the financial daily Globes, the investment puts HealthWatch’s value at $65 million.

HealthWatch develops smart-digital garments with interwoven sensors measuring vital signs - Screenshot from HealthWatch website

HealthWatch describes itself as “a pioneer in harnessing textile technology to produce fashionable, smart-digital garments with interwoven sensors unobtrusively measuring vital signs of hospital-grade quality.” Continue Reading »

The ‘start-up nation’ has a growing movement of corporate philanthropy


Israeli corporate philanthropy experienced a nearly 7-fold jump between 1998 & 2008 — from about $25 million, to $172 million — according to the Hebrew University’s Center for the Study of Philanthropy.



TEL AVIV (JTA) — When the Israeli mobile maps start-up Waze accepted a buyout from Google for more than $1 billion in June, each of the company’s 100 employees walked away with an average of $1.2 million from the sale.

Children participating in an educational activity with JVP Community, a nonprofit founded by Israeli hi-tech entrepreneur Erel Margalit. (Courtesy photo)

Children participating in an educational activity with JVP Community, a nonprofit founded by the Israeli high-tech entrepreneur Erel Margalit. – Courtesy photo

An even bigger check, though, went to Baruch Lipner, a Canadian Israeli who hasn’t worked in the high-tech or finance industries for a decade.

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Samsung acquires Israeli startup Boxee

Israeli Startup, one of Israel’s most promising companies which develops streaming media devices and services, fails to recoup the $30 million invested in it.

By , and Reuters

Samsung is buying Israeli start-up Boxee for tens of millions of dollars, but for less than the $30 million that was originally invested in the company.

The Boxee Box, powered by D-Link.

The Boxee Box, powered by D-Link. – Photo: Bloomberg / Haaretz Archive

Several weeks ago, Reuters’ news site VentureBeat reported that the startup, which develops streaming media devices and services, was looking for a buyer after a failed attempt to find new funding. Continue Reading »