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Israeli synthetic cornea could restore eyesight to millions worldwide

The first implants of the Israeli startup CorNeat Vision’s synthetic cornea, which bio-integrates with the host’s eye, has received approval to conduct clinical trials on patients at Beilinson Hospital in central Israel.

By ILH Staff


The Israeli startup CorNeat Vision has received approval to conduct clinical trials of a synthetic cornea that bio-integrates with the human eye.

The Health Ministry-approved trial of the CorNeat KPro will be run at Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva on 10 patients suffering from corneal blindness who are either not candidates for or have experienced one or more failed cornea transplants, the company announced last week. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Terror in Petah Tikva – 5 people injured after shooting & stabbing attack


The five injured were taken to Petah Tikva’s Beilinson hospital.
One Arab suspect has been arrested.
This is a developing story.



At least five people were wounded in what police were treating as a terrorist attack at a market in the central Israeli town of Petah Tikva on Thursday afternoon.

Magen David Adom said its emergency responders have evacuated four adults with gunshot wounds and one adult male with stab wounds to a nearby hospital.

Police said that the suspect, who was arrested at the scene, is likely from the West Bank.


Authorities were investigating the motives surrounding the incident. Continue Reading »

In medical 1st: Israeli doctors revive mother after amniotic embolism

Skilled medical staff an Israel’s Beilinson Hospital, conducted daring surgery with the aid of innovative technology, successfully saved mother’s life after an amniotic embolism during a c-section.

Dr. Itai Gal 


In a first of its kind event, a woman who was declared clinically dead after suffering an amniotic embolism during a c-section has woken up. Immediately after removing the infant, the mother experienced cardiac arrest as the clot entered her lungs. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 22.29.09

The aforementioned clot – Photo: Beilinson hospital

An amniotic embolism occurs when amniotic fluid (which contains elements foreign to the mother’s blood) enters the mother’s blood vessels. The mother’s body then experiences an extreme allergic reaction as a result of the leak, which usually involves severe respiratory difficulties, skin discoloration, lung and heart collapse, diffuse bleeding and comas. Continue Reading »

16 year-old Jewish Athlete Organ Donor, Saves 6 Patients

Gilad Veturi, 16,  died after collapsing at the finish line of a 60 meter sprint, donated his organs to save the lives of 6 people & aid others see again.

Nine organs were donated on Sunday by the family of Gilad Veturi, a 16-year-old student at Ilan Ramon High School in Hod Hasharon, after he collapsed and during running practice and died two days later.
Surgeons preparing organ transplant (illustrative) - Photo: Michael Ainsworth/Dallas Morning News/MCT

Surgeons preparing organ transplant (illustrative) – Photo: Michael Ainsworth/Dallas Morning News/MCT

His lifesaving organs were transplanted into six patients, while his corneas were saved for transplant at a later date.

The teenager, who collapsed Thursday at the finish line of a 60-meter sprint, was known to be an excellent athlete who was in good health. Continue Reading »