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Cleared for Publication: ‘Jewish terror cell’ busted by Israel’s Shin bet


Although several of the arrested suspects’ identities, as well as other details, are still under a court-imposed gag order, Israel Security Agency broke up a cell of Jewish extremists who attacked Palestinians in 2015.

By Ido Ben-Porat


The Shin Bet security service announced it broke up a “Jewish terror” cell active in the Gush Talmonim area in southeastern Samaria.

Illustration – Photo: Thinkstock

According to the Shin Bet, the suspects in custody carried out unspecified attacks against Palestinian Arab targets during the latter half of 2015.

The security agency said intelligence gathered in the aftermath of the attacks suggested the existence of a terror cell active in the Jewish village of Nahliel in the Binyamin Region of Samaria, to the north of Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

24 Terrorists Arrested in Hamas Network In Qalqiliya


Two dozen militants arrested in joint IDF, MAGAV and Shin Bet operation, busting Hamas infrastructure in West Bank that was receiving funding from Hamas HQ in Qatar and Gaza.

By Yoav Zitun


The IDF, Shin Bet and police exposed Monday night a large Hamas network in Qalqilya and arrested 24 militants, including senior officials.

Hamas infrastructure exposed in Qalqiliya

Its members served as the regional headquarters and worked to renew the organization’s terrorist activities in the city and nearby villages, according to police. The infrastructure received guidance, instructions and large-scale funding from Hamas command centers in Qatar and the Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

Israel Arrests 6 Hamas Terrorists in Nablus with Explosives

Six members of a new Hamas terror cell was busted while assembling explosives in Shechem (Nablus) by joint Shin Bet, IDF, & police operation.

By Cynthia Blank


The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), in cooperation with the IDF and the Israel Police, arrested six members of a Hamas terror cell in Qalqilya – it was cleared for publication on Sunday.

Bags of explosive materials confiscated by the Shin Bet from a suspected Hamas cell in Qalqilya – Photo courtesy: Shin Bet security agency

The six are accused of planning to carry out terror attacks inside Israel. It is suspected that the cell, controlled by Hamas officials in Gaza, was set up to inflame violence in Judea and Samaria during Operation Protective Edge. Continue Reading »

BUSTED: Terrorist Group from ‘Peace Partner’ Fatah Arrested

IDF & Shin Bet arrest terrorist cell who attacked a soldier & stole his weapon.

By Gil Ronen


The Shin Bet, Israel Police and IDF have exposed and arrested a terror cell whose members infiltrated an IDF base on December 21, 2012, attacked a soldier on sentry duty and stole his weapon, an M-16.

The cell belonged to the Fatah movement, which is headed by Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas. Its members are residents of the Kalandia and a-Ram neighborhoods of Jerusalem. It is made up of five men aged 25 to 37, one of whom is an Israeli citizen. Continue Reading »