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Israeli aid team arrive in Indonesia following devastating earthquake & tsunami

Israel’s first team of emergency responders from Rescuers Without Borders includes doctors, paramedics and emergency aid specialists.
• A 2nd aid delegation consisting primarily of trauma specialists will head to Indonesia later on.

By Ariel Kahana, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


An Israeli aid team has been working in Indonesia in recent days to help the country and its people cope with the aftermath of a devastating tsunami last weekend, triggered by an earthquake at sea.

The Israeli volunteers are members of the organization Rescuers Without Borders, and include doctors, paramedics and other emergency aid specialists.

Members of the Israeli aid team from Rescuers Without Borders – Photo: Rescuers Without Borders

A second aid delegation is expected to depart for Indonesia later this month and will consist primarily of trauma specialists. Continue Reading »

Japan Dedicates the Statue ‘Rebirth & Resurrection’ Honoring Israeli Tsunami Aid

The new sculpture symbolizes Israeli solidarity with the suffering of the Japanese people.

By  Yossi Aloni


Two years after a massive tsunami ravaged the eastern seaboard of Japan, the people of one of the hardest hit towns, Yanmei-Sanriku, have inaugurated a statue honoring the assistance that Israel provided in their darkest hour.

Titled “Rebirth and Resurrection” Photo: .israeltoday.co.ilTitled “Rebirth and Resurrection”, the statue was produced by Israeli artist David Susanna, and was installed in front of the municipal offices and temporary Israeli hospitals established in Yanmei-Sanriku.

Immediately after the tsunami hit in 2011, an Israeli medical delegation was dispatched and worked tirelessly to aid the people of the entire Tohoku region. Continue Reading »