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UNHCR criticizes Israel’s terminology: They’re Not Illegal Aliens, They’re Refugees

UN blasts Israel’s policy towards the illegal infiltrators, complaining that they shouldn’t be detained & their refugee requests need to be considered.

By Elad Benari


The United Nations on Sunday night criticized Israel’s policy towards illegal immigrants, as thousands of them protested in Tel Aviv, demanding that Israel recognize them as refugees and grant them asylum.

The UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) released a statement in which it accused Israel of “sowing fear and chaos” among the illegal aliens who, it said, should be referred to as “asylum seekers” and not “infiltrators”.

“We demand that the government examine the asylum requests of the foreigners, and stop the large-scale arrests in south Tel Aviv,” said the UN agency, adding that while it supported the holding facility for infiltrators in southern Israel, it was not acceptable in its present form as the agency deemed it to be a long-term detention center. Continue Reading »

UNRWA Billions to Palestinians refugees at the expense of all others worldwide

1. Palestinians, unlike any other refugee population in the world, pass on their refugee status from generation to generation.

2. Palestinians, unlike any other refugee population in the world, maintain their refugee status even when gaining citizenship in another country.

3. UNRWA’s facilities have been used by Palestinians as a launch-pad for terrorist activities.

4. UNRWA’s ambulances have been used by terrorists to shield their murderous activity from Israeli reprisal.

5. UNRWA’s educational facilities have been used to teach children to glorify martyrdom, extolling the virtues of jihad.

By Yoni Dayan


The time has come to admit the truth: The world cares more about the life of a Palestinian than the life of a Syrian, Sudanese, Kenyan, Colombian or Congolese. Continue Reading »