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U.S. blocks anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council

Facilitated by the Palestinian Authority, Kuwait, Indonesia and South Africa sought to condemn Israel for it’s demolition of 10 apartment buildings illegally built, in what Israel’s High Court determined a high security threat to the State by ignoring their location and defiantly constructing them along Israel’s security barrier.



UNITED NATIONS – The United States on Wednesday blocked an attempt by Kuwait, Indonesia and South Africa to get the United Nations Security Council to condemn Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes on the outskirts of Jerusalem, diplomats said.

Israel said the 10 apartment buildings demolished on Monday, most of them still under construction, had been built illegally and posed a security risk to Israeli armed forces operating along a barrier that runs through the West Bank. Continue Reading »

US vetoes UN Security Council resolution placing int’l force to protect Gazans

Explaining veto, Amb. haley said, “When the United Nations sides with terrorists over Israel, as the Kuwait resolution does, it only makes a peaceful resolution to this conflict harder to reach…It is resolutions like this one that undermine the UN’s credibility in dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”
– Watch: Nikki Haley warns UNSC of impending U.S. veto



WASHINGTON — When the Trump administration demanded a UN Security Council vote on Friday meant to counteract a Kuwaiti resolution condemning Israel, the Israelis saw the birth of a new diplomatic strategy that it hopes becomes the norm.

Under the plan, Israel would no longer face hostile votes at the council without the US counter-punching, demanding a vote on language that calls out “the hypocrisy of the council,” Danny Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday. Continue Reading »

Obama to allow PA-sponsored anti-Israel UN resolution for personal legacy


Only a month after Abbas formally rejected the latest U.S. peace proposal from visiting VP Biden, Obama plans to reward Palestinian intransigence by not vetoing upcoming anti-Israel UN security council resolution condemning settlements, to pressure Israel into entering new round of peace talks.

By Nitsan Keidar


US President Barack Obama may manipulate a vote over the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s UN resolution condemning Israeli “settlements” to boost his own legacy, White House sources said Monday.

Obama is allegedly willing to remain silent on the vote in order to further his own agenda in the Middle East, officials said, and instead, promote his own outline for a series of US-led talks. Continue Reading »