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The latest WikiLeaks batch of CIA intel is a ‘warning’ for Israel’s Intel Agencies


Israel must take into account that their different intelligence agencies are not 100% invincible – that in this ongoing battle between state attackers or ‘lone wolf’ vs the defenders, the attacker usually has the upper hand.



We shouldn’t have been surprised this week when tens of thousands of CIA documents were released, revealing the organization’s cyber warfare methods and its operations to break into and attack computers and smart phones. Even the fact that a Samsung refrigerator can be used as a listening device that records voices in its vicinity is not new. The Korean company itself issued a warning saying as much to its customers more than a year ago. Continue Reading »

Wikileaks: Obama ordered eavesdropping on top Italian leaders, to watch Netanyahu


Wikileaks’ website posts NSA document acknowledging it eavesdropped on Italian officials’ conversations which revealed Israeli PM turning to Berlusconi for help with Obama, after Jerusalem’s decision to build new homes in East Jerusalem.

By News Agencies


Wikileaks announced Tuesday night that the National Security Agency (NSA) eavesdropped on conversations which reveal that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned to Italian President Silvio Berlusconi to help him deal with US President Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi – Photo: AFP

“Netanyahu pleaded with Berlusconi to help him deal with Obama,” the WikiLeaks website stated . Continue Reading »

Wikileaks report Saudi students’ “diplomatic briefing” at Israeli Embassy worries Riyadh

There’s concern in Riyadh over Saudi students who visited the Israeli Embassy in Washington with int’l leadership program, and “heard a diplomatic briefing, asked questions & even had their picture taken.”


Saudi Arabia is extremely concerned over the dozens of Saudi students who reportedly visited the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Wikileaks documents published this weekend claim.

The Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. [file photo] – Photo: AFP

In one leaked source dated August 14, 2008 and marked “urgent, classified,” the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh notified the Saudi embassy in Washington that several dozen students from Gulf states were visiting Israeli embassies as part of an international leadership program. Continue Reading »

Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran nuclear facility, email released by WikiLeaks claims

In exchange released by website, worker at Stratfor intelligence firm doubts validity of a source claiming an Israeli ground force had already wiped out Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

The mega-leaks website, WikiLeaks, has partnered with the hackers cooperative Anonymous, to publish internal emails of the American strategic intelligence company Stratfor. In one of the hacked emails, Stratfor officials discuss information obtained from one of their sources who reports that Israeli commandos, in cooperation with Kurdish fighters, have destroyed Iranian nuclear installations.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, will hold a press conference today in London where he plans to reveal new details from the Stratfor emails, including details on the company’s dealings with the American government and major corporations, and its network of paid sources.

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