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Gag order lifted: Israeli Arab indicted for treason, spying for Iran

Israeli District Court judge rules that personal details of Ayman Haj Yahya, a 50 yr-old Tayibe resident, can now be made public, some 2 weeks after being indicted on numerous security offenses, including intention to commit treason.

By Gilad Morag


An Israeli man accused of spying for Iranian government has been named as Ayman Haj Yahya.

The court on Sunday ruled to release the personal details about the 50-year-old from the Arab city of Tayibe in central Israel.

Yahya was indicted two weeks ago at Lod District Court for committing a series of security offenses including having ties to Iranian foreign agents and intention to commit treason. Continue Reading »

Israeli woman indicted on spying for Hezbollah

The young 25 yr-old woman is charged with taking military photographs for [Hezbollah] terrorist group, aiding a terror organization, espionage and spying.

By i24NEWS


A 25-year-old as-yet-unnamed Israeli woman has been accused of spying for the Lebanese Shiite-Islamist terrorist group, Hezbollah.

The Central District Attorney’s Office cleared some of the details of the case for publication Monday. According to a report on Israeli news site Arutz 7, the court in the central city of Lod, charged the Israeli female civilian with “contact with a foreign agent, handing information to an enemy with the intent to harm the State of Israel’s security, and providing a service to a terrorist organization.” Continue Reading »

Three arrested, $9M Israeli “spy van” confiscated by Cypriot police

Three suspects in Cyprus are charged with violation of privacy laws and intercepting radio communications by using an Israeli-owned “spy van” outfitted with $9 million worth of hi-tech.

By i24NEWS – AFP


Cyprus arrested three people on Thursday as part of a probe into an alleged Israeli-owned “spy van” equipped with advanced surveillance tech, the police said.

The suspects, two men and a woman, all of them Cypriots, are now facing 13 charges related to violation of privacy laws, private data processing and intercepting radio communications.

According to the police, the three suspects, who are employed by the company that owns the van, are expected to appear before a court in the southern coastal city of Larnaca on Friday. Continue Reading »

Report: Israeli intel-spies expose Russians using popular software to hack systems

In a NYT report, Israel’s cyber intelligence unit allegedly discovered Russian gov’t hackers manipulated Kaspersky Lab antivirus software, used globally by hundreds of millions of people including the U.S. government, to obtain sensitive info inside the U.S.



Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers found they were using Kaspersky Lab antivirus software that is also used by 400 million people globally, including US government agencies, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Israel cyber crime unit situation room – Israel Police Spokesperson’s Dept.

The Israeli officials who had hacked into Kaspersky’s network over two years ago then warned their US counterparts of the Russian intrusion, said The New York Times, which first reported the story. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah reports discovery of another Israeli ‘surveillance boulder’ in Lebanon

The ‘boulder’ was found in Kfar Shuba, a village in south Lebanon, and according to Hezbollah claims, it contained a thermal camera transmitting images in both day and night conditions which was ultimately dismantled by Lebanese army engineers.

By Roi Kais and Liad Osmo


Terrorist group Hezbollah claimed Saturday it has uncovered an Israeli spying device that had been placed inside a rock in Kfar Shuba, a village in southern Lebanon, the Hezbollah-affiliated news agency Al Mayadeen reported.

Photo Credit: Lebanese Army

The rock that allegedly held the hidden device was reported to be equipped with a thermal camera that is able to record visuals during the day and night. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah’s TV reports of another Israeli spying device on the border


Hezbollah’s TV channel reports finding a spy device with photographic and transmission capabilities near the border, not far from a Lebanese airstrip & army post in the village of Markaba.

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV station reported on Tuesday that a transmission and photographic spy device was discovered on the Israel-Lebanon border, which the station said belonged to Israel.

‘Israeli spying device’ found in Lebanon in December

According to the report, the device was found near the Blue Line and not far from a Lebanese army post and airstrip in the village of Markaba.

Hezbollah’s official website accused Israel of “violating Lebanese sovereignty after planting spying and photographic devices east of the village of Markaba in southern Lebanon.” Continue Reading »

Wikileaks: Obama ordered eavesdropping on top Italian leaders, to watch Netanyahu


Wikileaks’ website posts NSA document acknowledging it eavesdropped on Italian officials’ conversations which revealed Israeli PM turning to Berlusconi for help with Obama, after Jerusalem’s decision to build new homes in East Jerusalem.

By News Agencies


Wikileaks announced Tuesday night that the National Security Agency (NSA) eavesdropped on conversations which reveal that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned to Italian President Silvio Berlusconi to help him deal with US President Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (right) and former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi – Photo: AFP

“Netanyahu pleaded with Berlusconi to help him deal with Obama,” the WikiLeaks website stated . Continue Reading »

Obama still spying on Netanyahu


After the recent report in the Wall street Journal on the White House ordering the NSA to spy on the Israel Prime Minister, a top U.S. intelligence officer reveled to Israeli reporters how much, and how the White House is spying on Netanyahu and those in contact with him.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Following a string of embarrassing revelations of the US spying in friendly heads of state, President Barack Obama ordered intelligence agencies to end the practice – except for when it came to Israel.

A former high-level US intelligence officer – who was codenamed ‘Robert’ and was privy to most of the United States’ intelligence information on Israel over the past three decades – made the revelation in an interview with Yediot Aharonot. Continue Reading »

WSJ reports: Obama orders NSA to spy on Netanyahu


WSJ reports that under Obama’s direction NSA’s “targeting of Israeli leaders & officials also swept up the contents of some of their private conversations with US lawmakers & American-Jewish groups.”

By i24news


Fearing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working to derail the nuclear deal with Iran, the White House has authorized the National Security Agency to monitor the leader’s communications, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Obama & Netanyahu – Photo : REUTERS

The report detailing the minutiae of NSA’s snooping and once more propelling into the spotlight Washington’s mistrust of the hawkish Israeli premier could usher in a new crisis in the already tense relations between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama’s administration. Continue Reading »