Tel Aviv marathon cancelled after 75 runners injured & unseasonable heat

Tel Aviv marathon cancelled midway after 75 runners were given first-aid treatment by MDA for injuries, with 15 taken to the hospital, & leaving 2 in serious condition.



The organizers of the Tel Aviv Marathon were forced to cancel the event in the middle on Friday morning, after numerous runners suffered injuries due to the unseasonable heat. While most of the runners had completed their tracks, there were about 500 runners on the full marathon track who had not yet finished.

Tel Aviv marathon 2015. – Photo courtesy: ISRAEL POLICE SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT

MDA treated at least 75 runners during the event. In total, 15 of those were taken to Ichilov hospital, with 2 in serious condition, 4 in moderate and 9 in light condition.

The marathon began earlier than planned, at 5.45 a.m. on Friday, after forecasters predicted the weather will be unseasonably hotter than usual. The organizers wanted to avoid the tragedy two years ago in which a young man died of heat prostration after participating in the run.

After the tragedy, the Health Ministry set up a committee headed by sports medicine expert Prof. Na’ama Constantini that set down rules and procedures for avoiding another such case.

Magen David Adom said that that as tens of thousands of runners are due to set off from Sderot Rokah for the marathon, it has boosted its first-aid network to deal with anyone who is ill. In the last marathon, MDA paramedics and medics had to treat about 85 runners who felt unwell and collapsed, but no fatalities occurred.

The short version of the race will be 10 kilometers, while the half marathon will have a course of 21.2 kilometers and the full marathon 42.2 kilometers. There will also be a shorter route for couples , hand bicycle users and others with the length of five kilometers.

MDA personnel and volunteers were on hand to cope with injuries, hyperthermia, heart attacks and low blood sugar. The rescuers will go on foot, in ambulances, motorcycles, tomcars, electric ambulances, Segways and on foot.

A mobile clinic/tent was set up at the finish line, and nurses and doctors from Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, along with MDA personnel will be on duty. Pools of ice were available to cool off runners.

Among MDA’s points of advice for participants are: Eat breakfast about three hours before the race; a sandwich with tuna or egg salad, a bowl of oatmeal or even cooked pasta and breast are recommended. Do not eat fruits or milk products before the marathon because they are not easily digested and could cause stomach aches while running.
Drink and eat lightly at regular intervals while running and not when you feel like it. This will provide enough energy to the muscles while exerting yourself. One can also consume isotonic drinks, energy bars and gels.

MDA’s Tel Aviv regional manager Yossi Cohen said that dozens of rescue vehicles and personnel will be on hand to provide first aid to anyone who doesn’t feel well.


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