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Tel Aviv marathon cancelled after 75 runners injured & unseasonable heat

Tel Aviv marathon cancelled midway after 75 runners were given first-aid treatment by MDA for injuries, with 15 taken to the hospital, & leaving 2 in serious condition.



The organizers of the Tel Aviv Marathon were forced to cancel the event in the middle on Friday morning, after numerous runners suffered injuries due to the unseasonable heat. While most of the runners had completed their tracks, there were about 500 runners on the full marathon track who had not yet finished.

Tel Aviv marathon 2015. – Photo courtesy: ISRAEL POLICE SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT

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Tel Aviv Marathon won in record time by Kenyan runner

Top 3 runners all Kenyans with winner, Ezekiel Koech, 28, finishing in 2:14:40.

Despite excellent weather, 85 of 40,000 participants required medical assistance during race.



Kenyan runner Ezekiel Koech, 28, won the Tel Aviv Marathon on Friday, finishing the race with a record-breaking time of 2:14:40.

Ezekiel Koech

Ezekiel Koech, far right, won the Tel Aviv Marathon Friday, February 28, 2014.- Photo: Hadar Cohen

The second- and third-place finishers at the 42-kilometer (26.2-mile) race were also Kenyans who came to Israel especially for the marathon.

Despite the comfortable weather Friday, 85 runners required medical treatment during the race.

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The 1st marathon runner was Jewish…not Greek

In honor of Friday’s Tel Aviv Marathon, we note that a run described in the bible predates the Greek myth on which modern marathons are based.

Plus: A note from Jewish Runner Hall of Fame.


Tomorrow, Friday morning, thousands of runners will be taking to the streets. Yes, it’s the Tel Aviv Marathon, and the perfect time to debunk some myths about Jews and sports, specifically – running.

Pheidippides (Wikimedia)

Pheidippides delivering the message of victory after the Battle of Marathon, Luc-Olivier Merson, 1869.- Photo: Wikimedia

The first modern marathon was at the first latter-day Olympics, held in Athens in 1896.

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Magen David Adom sets up for Friday’s annual Tel Aviv marathon


After last year’s tragedy, with an IDF officer dying during the race, MDA is taking precautions to keep the 40,000 participants in this year’s event, hydrated and healthy.



A year after the Tel Aviv Marathon in which a runner died from complications of heat prostration during blisteringly hot weather, Magen David Adom is taking all precautions to prevent a recurrence at this year’s event on Friday.


Tel Aviv Marathon, Yarkon Park – Photo: Courtesy

Last year, Maj. Michael Michaelovich, 29, an officer in the IDF’s Oketz canine unit from Moshav Menuha in the Lachish region, died during the race. Continue Reading »

1 dead & 12 in serious condition at Tel Aviv’s Marathon

Magen David Adom: One runner dead, 12 in serious condition after falling from heat exhaustion at Tel Aviv’s annual Marathon.

Over 20 participants were taken to hospital suffering from heat stroke.

Boaz Fyler


Tragedy at Tel Aviv Marathon: A 30-year old runner has died and 12 others were seriously injured on Friday morning in the Tel Aviv Marathon.

(צילום: מוטי קמחי)

Runners in the marathon – Photo: Moti Kimchi

According to Magen David Adom medics, the injured are currently unconscious and undergoing artificial respiration, a few even requiring CPR.

The first aid tent at the starting point has become a field hospital with more and more runners arriving at the scene on stretchers due to suspected dehydration. Continue Reading »