The NYT ‘works with’ terrorists, endangering us, so they can embarrass President Trump


In their aim to embarrass President Trump, which in turn has generated more profits than the pre-Trump era, The New York Times has engaged in Fake News, time after time, and facilitates ‘leaks’ that may endanger us all, even at the benefit and protection of the terrorists.

By Phillip Pasmanick


President Trump has been complaining about ‘Fake News’ ever since he was nominated, and Fox news has been complaining how all the ‘Fake News’ media is consistently using leaked information from unknown sources. Although the great majority of the leaked ‘Fake News’ stories turn out in time to be untrue, occasionally leaked information is publicized harming the national interests of the U.S. and other countries.

Mainstream media, or as President Trump refers to the majority of them as ‘Fake News outlets’, have spent considerable effort in embarrassing the president, with the latest example referring to Israeli intel passed from Trump to Russia’s Foreign Minister.

With the US and White House media blocked, only a Russian photographer was allowed to capture the meeting between US President Donald Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov  – Photo: HO/RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY/AFP

The sharing of collected intelligence between western countries has been an accepted practice for decades.

If a country withholds information in order to protect only the flights entering & departing its own borders, its citizens would not be protected on connecting flights to countries that share ideological, economic, and cultural commonalities. If all cooperating countries shared this information, all airline passengers would be safe.

Israel shared intel with President Obama’s administration for eight years, which the White House passed on to the EU, Russia, India, China etc. helping to keep their citizens, all citizens safe. The source of the information remained secure, enabling further gathering of intel in the future.

Sharing the source of intel is almost as important as the intel itself. Countries are unlikely to implement a new SOP at their international airports inconveniencing travelers, at a cost of 10’s or 100s of millions of dollars, if the source of the highly secured information is unknown or untrusted. Since Israel’s reputation is ‘top of the line’, Europe & the US will implement new procedures or hire additional manpower to include and assimilate an added security ring, believing the intel….because it came from Israel’s Security Services, and not Myanmar (for example).

IDF Cyber unit. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’Unit

But, when some schmuck leaks the entire story….that is, who told whom, what the precise intel is, who intercepted it and how it was discovered, it is not only illegal, it’s a package of immoral and inexcusable transgressions. No Republican ever did this to Obama, thus maintaining everyones safety. But this time, Democratic traitors leaked everything to make Trump look as if he had done something wrong, when in fact the ONLY things wrong were the dissemination of the information to the press and having the press disregard public safety by publicizing to the terrorists what we know they’ve planned, and even how we acquired it.

In this specific case, the New York Times went too far, burning security sources, giving the terrorists a ‘heads-up’ to their future plans, AND told the enemy how the intel was collected, so they now know to be far more cautious and better protected technologically.

The New York Times is now the enemy, assisting those very terrorists trying to devise new ways to kill us all…by hoping the leaks humiliate the president of the United States.



Just a month ago, PM Netanyahu pointed out how the NYT posted ‘Fake News’ suggesting Hamas had become ‘moderates’. Give a look: