Video: Israel Navy to receive 3 Super Dvora advanced patrol boats



Within upcoming 2 years, IAI will provide the Navy with 3 Super Dvora patrol boats, which are expected to secure coasts of northern Israel, including gas rigs, and the Gaza & Red Sea coasts.

By Yoav Zitun

The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced Sunday that the Beersheba Ramta plant signed a contract with the defense establishment to provide three Super Dvora fast patrol boats to the Israeli Navy. The Super Dvora is an advanced medium-sized vessel used for security operations.

Dvora Mark III – Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

The supply of the boats will be completed within two years. They will take part in Navy operations along the coasts of Israel, Lebanon, Gaza and the Red Sea. The boats will be used for patrols, securing gas rigs and beaches, alongside special operations.

The first boat will be delivered within a year and a half, and the other two ships will be delivered at a later date – one every three months. The IAI noted that the Super Dvora is the fourth generation of its kind, and was developed according to specifications that stem from operational needs, with cooperation of the IAI and the Navy.

The vessels include an advanced propulsion system that allows sharp and quick maneuvering, and are equipped with a variety of combat, detection, defense and attack capabilities – one of the main challenges of the Navy, specifically on the Lebanese coast. The firing capabilities will be similar to existing Navy Dvoras, and will involve machine-guns and cannons, including the Typhoon Cannon that fires 200 shells per minute.

Director of the Ramta plant Brig. Gen. (res.) Nitzan Shaked told Ynet: “Since 1967, we have provided the Navy with 40 boats, and additional 80 to customers from other countries. The supply of the boats is part of the development contract made with the Navy, which yielded its first boat in 2010. We added technological improvements that allow the lowering of maintenance costs. The boat can quickly act against terrorists on agile vessels, in difficult sea conditions, while protecting the crew members.”

IAI CEO Joseph Weiss: “The contract signing strengthens and sustains the status of the IAI among leading companies around the world in regards to constructing vessels for tasks aimed at the highest operational capabilities.”


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