Zionist Arab Youth Calls Relative, MK Zoabi a Terrorist & to “Get the hell out of Israel”

Fearless Nazareth youth I have a summer vacation, and I am ready to work so I can get you the money to leave Israel.has uploaded a powerful new video message addressed to his relative, MK Hanin Zoabi saying, “Look, sweetie. You are a traitor who is rudely sitting in our parliament and being openly anti-Semitic…I have a summer vacation, and I am ready to work so I can get you the money to get the hell out of Israel.”

By Gil Ronen


A fearless and independent-minded Arab youth from Nazareth, Mohammed Zoabi, who gained fame as a self-declared “Muslim ZIonist” and has had to go underground because of death threats, has recorded and uploaded a powerful new video message directed at his relative, MK Hanin Zoabi.

Mohammed Zoabi - Screenshot

Mohammed Zoabi – Screenshot

“As you know,” he says in the video message, which he declaims in three languages, “we have a terrorist supporter in our parliament… Hanin Zoabi. She has called me a stupid boy with a twisted identity who feels a continuous need to apologize for his strong masters.

“What I have to say to her is – Hanin Zoabi – inside our parliament. Hanin Zoabi, you are an abuser of the democratic system of Israel. Hanin Zoabi, you don’t belong in Israel.

“Look, we have one Israeli parliament and the Arab world has 22 Arab parliaments. So, if you are not an Israeli and you don’t represent us as Israelis, you are more than invited to get the hell out of here. You can just fly and get out of here. If you are not an Israeli, you have no right to be in our Israeli parliament, because in the Israeli parliament there are only Israeli parliament members. And we will see how you’ll be treated there, as a single 45-year-old woman. Update me, honey.

“Hanin Zoabi, I am declaring that I have a summer vacation, and I am ready to work so I can get you the money to leave Israel. Simply, we don’t need traitors in our parliament. Once, Miri Regev told you – ‘go to Gaza, you traitor.’ Get the hell out of Israel. From Mohammad Zoabi: we definitely don’t need traitors inside our parliament.”

MK Zoabi (Balad) responded to Mohammad’s pro-Israel Facebook page and videos by saying that “the state of Israel has trained him into obedience. Sometimes, the oppressed identifies with the oppressor because he lacks pride and political awareness.”

“He’s from a divorced family,” she sniffed. “His mother now lives in Nazareth Illit, where he studies at a Jewish school.”

“He’s sleazy,” she continued. “He’s distorted his identity.”

Muhammad was unfazed by such statements and vows to “stand with the Jewish people until the last day of my life.”


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