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Zionist Arab Youth Calls Relative, MK Zoabi a Terrorist & to “Get the hell out of Israel”

Fearless Nazareth youth I have a summer vacation, and I am ready to work so I can get you the money to leave Israel.has uploaded a powerful new video message addressed to his relative, MK Hanin Zoabi saying, “Look, sweetie. You are a traitor who is rudely sitting in our parliament and being openly anti-Semitic…I have a summer vacation, and I am ready to work so I can get you the money to get the hell out of Israel.”

By Gil Ronen


A fearless and independent-minded Arab youth from Nazareth, Mohammed Zoabi, who gained fame as a self-declared “Muslim ZIonist” and has had to go underground because of death threats, has recorded and uploaded a powerful new video message directed at his relative, MK Hanin Zoabi. Continue Reading »

Family members ashamed, distancing themselves: MK Hanin Zoabi ‘Doesn’t Represent Us’

Brave young Mohammed Zoabi no longer stands alone as a proud Israeli Arab, with more members of the Zoabi clan saying  radical Arab MK Hanin Zoabi should just stay silent.

By Moshe Cohen


Mohammed Zoabi, the 17-year-old who publicly disagreed with his relative MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad) over her blatant anti-Israel stance, isn’t the only Zoabi who has had enough of the Arab MK’s Israel-hating antics.

On Monday, a representative of the Zoabi family told reporters that there were many people in the extended Zoabi clan who disagreed with Hanin when she said that the Hamas terrorists who kidnapped three Israeli teens weren’t terrorists, justifying the abduction. Continue Reading »