Air raid sirens sound throughout Israel as civilians, US troops & IDF hold war drills

Israel held a nation-wide emergency drill, complete with air-raid  sirens throughout the country in preparation for a war “on six fronts,” while US ground troops drilled with IDF soldiers in the 2018 Juniper Cobra joint military exercises.

By Israel Today Staff


Last week at the graduation ceremony for new Israeli naval officers, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Aviv Kochavi said that the Jewish state was preparing for war on no fewer than six fronts.

Kochavi did not list those fronts, except to say that Iran is among them.

Merkava tank along Israel’s border with Lebanon- Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The others can be guessed at: Egyptian Sinai, where ISIS holds sway; Hamas-ruled Gaza; Lebanon; Syria; and the cyber realm.

Of course, many of those other threats are being encouraged and even financed by Iran.

This week, Israel launched massive war drills together with 2,500 visiting American soldiers.

Israeli Yasur helicopters used by Special Forces and Search & Rescue teams of the IDF practice rescue drills. – Photo: Israel Air Force,Facebook

As part of those drills, air raid sirens sounded throughout the country on Tuesday, unfortunately frightening those who were unaware it was just an exercise.


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