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Air raid sirens sound throughout Israel as civilians, US troops & IDF hold war drills

Israel held a nation-wide emergency drill, complete with air-raid  sirens throughout the country in preparation for a war “on six fronts,” while US ground troops drilled with IDF soldiers in the 2018 Juniper Cobra joint military exercises.

By Israel Today Staff


Last week at the graduation ceremony for new Israeli naval officers, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Aviv Kochavi said that the Jewish state was preparing for war on no fewer than six fronts.

Kochavi did not list those fronts, except to say that Iran is among them.

Merkava tank along Israel’s border with Lebanon- Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The others can be guessed at: Egyptian Sinai, where ISIS holds sway; Hamas-ruled Gaza; Lebanon; Syria; and the cyber realm. Continue Reading »

Iran, Hezbollah worried over IDF movements during annual nation-wide safety exercise

As IDF masses its forces near Lebanese border, senior Iranian military official warned Israel that any attack would unleash a firestorm of missiles on its cities.

By i24news


Israeli forces, including heavy artillery, have been massing along the Lebanese border, yet the sole purpose of the buildup is participation in a military drill, Israeli officials said on Sunday after Iran and its Lebanon proxy Hezbollah reportedly showed unease over the maneuvers.

An Israeli army 155mm mobile artillery battery is stationed near the border with Syria in the Israeli Golan Heights on January 28, 2015 – Photo: Menahem Kahana/AFP

 The Ynet website reported that the Islamic Republic is worried that Israel might use the lack of stability in Syria and Lebanon to somehow jeopardize the planned signature of a nuclear deal between Iran and world powers.
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Israelis Begins Nationwide Emergency & Security Exercise

Sirens will sound throughout Israel as civilians, IDF, Home Front Command, local municipalities and police & emergency services hold nationwide coordinated 5-day annual safety drill.

By Itay Blumenthal


Israel is in for days of mock explosions, sirens and missile and terror attacks as its security and rescue services on Sunday launched a five-day drill across the country.

Rescue personnel train during a previous drill (Photo: Reuters/Archive)
Rescue personnel train during a previous drill – Photo: Reuters/Archive


The drill involves the Home Front Command, the Ministry of Defense’s National Emergency Authority (NEA), government ministries, local authorities, security organizations, the education system, and public and private entities. The exercises will end Thursday. Continue Reading »