British Report: EU using taxpayers’ money on illegal Palestinian construction, ‘meddling’ in Area C


view videoBritish daily reports the EU has used taxpayer’s aid money to ‘meddle’ in a foreign territorial dispute by building over 1,000 illegal structures for Arab squatters in areas of Judea & Samaria, that under the 1993 Oslo Accords, fall under full Israeli jurisdiction.

By Eli Leon, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


The European Union has funded the construction of over 1,000 buildings across Area C in Judea and Samaria, giving ownership of them to the Palestinians, the British Daily Mail reported Tuesday.

The EU is reportedly using aid money to “‘meddle’ in a foreign territorial dispute” [Illustrative] – Screenshot

Under the 1993 Oslo Accords, Area C, which makes up some 60% of Judea and Samaria, is under full Israeli control.

The report cited data collected by the Israeli nongovernmental organization Regavim, which has found that construction, including paving roads and other infrastructure, has taken placed in 40 different sites.


“The buildings, which are given to Palestinians, are intended to ‘pave the way’ for more land to be brought under Palestinian control,” the report said.

Regavim, which advocates for Zionist land policy, is seeking legal action against the EU over its actions. According to the British daily, the EU “is claiming diplomatic immunity after using taxpayers’ money to build unauthorized settlements and roads on Israeli parts of the West Bank.”

Some British MPs have “expressed outrage that the EU is using aid money to ‘meddle’ in a foreign territorial dispute,” the report said.

“It is deeply concerning that the EU falls back on diplomatic immunity after breaking planning regulations. The U.K. government would take a very dim view of a friendly state doing that to us. The EU maintains that it is based on fundamental principles of rule of law and support for democracy. But when this clashes with its bureaucratic bungling, neither rule of law nor democracy seem important,” Conservative MP Jacob William Rees-Mogg was quoted as saying.

Conservative MP Andrew Percy said, “The EU should comply with the law. It should not be meddling in the Middle East, then hiding behind some dodgy use of diplomatic immunity. This is a gross waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s another example of money given to the EU over which Parliament has no real oversight. The British electorate is contributing to this but we are completely unaware of how it’s being spent. We don’t know who is spending this, and we can’t vote them out.”

He expressed serious concerns that the EU was “undermining the Oslo Accords” and “damaging attempts at peace” in the Middle East. “Not only is it a waste of taxpayers’ money, it is morally questionable,” he told the Daily Mail.


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