Israel’s pavilion showcases 18 ‘Blue & White’ companies at Brazil defense exhibition

Israel Military Industries are marketing their Guided Mortar Munition, battle tested by the IDF, are guided by laser or GPS satellite systems, and has a range of 8 kilometers.


Israel Military Industries (IMI) will display its new Guided Mortar Munition – which are already in service in the IDF – at an international defense exhibition in Brazil this week.

IMI Mortars

Israel Military Industries to display new guided mortars at Brazil defense exhibition. – Photo: IMI

The mortars can be guided by laser or GPS.

The LAAD Defense and Security exhibition will take place from April 14 to 17 in Rio De Janerio, and will see IMI showcase the guided mortars, developed in response to operational requirements from the IDF and foreign military customers, IMI said.

The munition has a blast-hardened, miniaturized guidance system, dubbed ‘Pure Heart,’ which carries out real-time computing and control.

“Pure Heart can be integrated in almost any aerial or surface launched weapon,” IMI said, ahead of the exhibition. The guided munitions can be fired at targets in open or built up areas, and have a range of eight kilometers.


Pure Heart can be satellite or laser directed to hit target – Photo: IMI website

The mortar strikes targets with near vertical trajectory, IMI added, “thus limiting the damage to the target itself, minimizing the risk to nearby friendly forces or non combatants. Having fewer rounds of ammunition also minimizes the logistical tail.”

GMM is compatible with modern 120mm mortars that can be found in most of the world’s armies. The mortars can also be equipped with fuses that will result in impact in the air, upon impact, or for a delayed blast.

Eighteen Israeli defense companies will showcase products at Rio de Janeiro this month.

According to SIBAT – the Ministry’s International defense Cooperation Directorate – the size of the Israeli pavilion reflects the “importance of the Latin American market” to Israeli defense industries.

SIBAT Director Brig. Gen. (Res.) Mishel Ben Baruch said last week that the exhibition is “a major event that brings together developers and exhibitors from around the world who are all focused on security and defense. We look forward to fruitful cooperation with Latin American countries in general, and Brazil, in particular, regarding the wide range of solutions being presented at the Israel Pavilion.”

SIBAT said that Israeli technologies to go on display will include: “ImageSat’s portable mini-terminal for real-time, ultra-fast data downloading from earth observation satellites… Merkavim’s armored bus – the most protected in the world; VisionMap’s Airborne imaging system with 3D capabilities; Mistral’s advanced divers sonar systems; and Controp’s comprehensive airborne surveillance mission system for helicopters.”


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