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India to Deploy Israeli Air Defense System, Manufacture Both Tavor21 & Galil Assault Rifles


Due to tensions along India’s western border, a successful test of the Israeli surface-to-air Python and Derby (Spyder) missile system at Chandipur-on-sea was conducted on Thursday, destroying a British made drone.

By Sputnik


The Spyder is set to replace India’s age-old air defense system, the Soviet-era Osa-AKM and 9K35 Strela-10, at six air bases and other critical locations along the western border.

SPYDER air defense missile system – Photo: Rafael/Wikimedia

The Spyder launches two different types of missile — Python 5 and Derby missiles — from the same launcher pad. Most of the upcoming jets – Rafale and LCA Tejas — of the IAF will be equipped to fire Derby missiles. Continue Reading »

New IDF Weapon: The Hero, a Tactical Kamikaze-like Drone

The new weapon carried in a soldier’s backpack, is launched anywhere & when airborne, loiters over target until situation allows, then attacks target like a missile.

By Arutz Sheva


After years of development, UVision Air Ltd. of Israel has unveiled its new weapon system: drones capable of loitering over a target and attacking it like a missile, reports IsraelDefense.

The Hero UAV – Israel Defense

While “Kamikaze” drones, like the IAI’s Harop, have existed on the battlefield for at least ten years, thus far they were intended primarily for strikes against strategic targets – that is, important targets, deep in enemy territory.

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Israel’s pavilion showcases 18 ‘Blue & White’ companies at Brazil defense exhibition

Israel Military Industries are marketing their Guided Mortar Munition, battle tested by the IDF, are guided by laser or GPS satellite systems, and has a range of 8 kilometers.


Israel Military Industries (IMI) will display its new Guided Mortar Munition – which are already in service in the IDF – at an international defense exhibition in Brazil this week.

IMI Mortars

Israel Military Industries to display new guided mortars at Brazil defense exhibition. – Photo: IMI

The mortars can be guided by laser or GPS.

The LAAD Defense and Security exhibition will take place from April 14 to 17 in Rio De Janerio, and will see IMI showcase the guided mortars, developed in response to operational requirements from the IDF and foreign military customers, IMI said. Continue Reading »