Spain requests UN probe into peacekeeper’s death in Lebanon from IDF retaliatory fire

Israel’s FM Lieberman offered his condolences to his Spanish counterpart on peacekeeper’s death, explaining how Israel holds Hezbollah responsible.

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Spain on Wednesday appealed to the UN asking the international body to launch an “urgent” probe into the death of a Spanish peacekeeper near the Lebanese border earlier in the day.

IDF evacuating injured IDF soldier after Hezbollah attack on Israel, 28/01/15 – Photo: AFP

A UN peacekeeper from Spain was killed in Lebanon on Wednesday in an exchange of fire that ensued between Israel and Hezbollah, following an attack by the Lebanon-based terror group that left two Israeli soldiers dead.

A 36-year-old corporal “died this morning during incidents between Hezbollah and the Israeli army in the area of responsibility of the Spanish contingent,” the Spanish defense ministry said in a statement.

The soldier was part of the 10,000-strong United Nations peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL), which includes 600 Spanish soldiers.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke with his Spanish counterpart José García-Margallo y Marfil, offering his condolences over the soldier’s death.

Lieberman said Hezbollah was responsible for Wednesday’s terror attack, adding Israel sees the Lebanese government as complicit with the terror group.

Spain’s Defense Minister Pedro Morenes, who was flying to India for a three-day visit, cancelled the trip and returned to Spain mid-flight, the ministry said.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy expressed on Twitter his “great sadness at the death of a Spanish soldier in Lebanon.”

Israel responded with air and ground attacks on southern Lebanon after a Hezbollah missile attack killed two Israeli soldiers.


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