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IDF resumes underground defense system on northern border with Lebanon

To counter Iranian funded Hezbollah attack tunnels into Israel, the IDF notified the UN that a state-of-the-art border barrier, designed to also detect underground digging from Lebanon, will be constructed on Israel’s side of the border.

By Adi Hashmonai, News Agencies, Israel Hayom Staff


The military on Sunday said it began construction of an underground defense system Sunday along its northern frontier with Lebanon to protect against cross-border tunnels.

The infrastructure project will identify underground acoustic and seismic activity indicating tunnel digging, accompanied by other defensive measures, said IDF Spokesman in English Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus. Continue Reading »

Spain requests UN probe into peacekeeper’s death in Lebanon from IDF retaliatory fire

Israel’s FM Lieberman offered his condolences to his Spanish counterpart on peacekeeper’s death, explaining how Israel holds Hezbollah responsible.

By i24news


Spain on Wednesday appealed to the UN asking the international body to launch an “urgent” probe into the death of a Spanish peacekeeper near the Lebanese border earlier in the day.

IDF evacuating injured IDF soldier after Hezbollah attack on Israel, 28/01/15 – Photo: AFP

A UN peacekeeper from Spain was killed in Lebanon on Wednesday in an exchange of fire that ensued between Israel and Hezbollah, following an attack by the Lebanon-based terror group that left two Israeli soldiers dead. Continue Reading »

As Philippine peacekeepers enter Israel from Syria’s danger, UN investigates Israel as criminals

The UN Filipino ‘peacekeepers’ abandon Syria one month earlier due to the deteriorating security situation in Golan Heights.



The Philippine military said Friday the bulk of Filipino peacekeepers of more than 240 soldiers have pulled out two weeks early from the UN mission in the Golan Heights due to escalating fighting in the region.

Filipino UN peacekeepers crossing the border from Syria to Israel (Photo: AFP)

Filipino UN peacekeepers crossing the border from Syria to Israel – Photo: AFP

The 244 Filipino soldiers and support staff will arrive in Manila on a UN-chartered plane on Friday, Military spokesman Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala said.

A smaller batch of 85 soldiers will arrive Sunday from the Golan, ending a five-year Philippine peacekeeping role that has been marred by Syrian rebel kidnappings and attacks. Continue Reading »

Irish peacekeepers on Syria’s border SAVED by Israeli troops

Irish UN members of force serving in Syria would have been kidnapped or killed had it not been for Israel’s direct & thorough military intervention.

By and Reuters



Military intervention by the Israeli army saved the lives of Irish United Nations troops last week, Ireland’s Sunday Independent has established.

Irish observers

Irish members of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force sitting on their armored vehicles in the Golan Heights as they wait to cross into Syrian-controlled territory, Sept. 28, 2014. – Photo: AFP

Talking to senior sources, the Independent reported that “Irish soldiers would have been killed or taken hostage by Islamist extremists if it wasn’t for the military intervention of the Israeli army during last week’s battle to save besieged UN soldiers.”

Continue Reading »

Al-Jazeera Reports: Syrian UNDOF peacekeepers flee to Israel


Al-Jazeera TV reported UNDOF soldiers in southern Syria abandoning their posts to flee to the Israeli side. Meanwhile a Phillipine official reported that Syrian rebels who seized the 43 Fijian UN peacekeepers, attacked Filipino troops on the Syrian Golan Heights.

By Roi Kais and AFP

The Al-Jazeera network reported Saturday that members of the UN Disengagement Observer Force stationed in Daraa in southern Syria are abandoning their posts and fleeing to the Israeli side of the Golan Heights.

Armored UN vehicle at Qunitera border crossing, Saturday morning (Photo: AFP)

Armored UN vehicle at Qunitera border crossing, Saturday morning – Photo: AFP

In another report published simultaneously, Philippine officials said Syrian rebels holding dozens of Fijian UN peacekeepers hostage attacked Filipino troops in the Golan Heights on Saturday. Continue Reading »

Al-Qaeda militants battle for the Syrian Golan Heights

Syrian Army calls in its air force strikes & reinforcements against rebel Islamists and al-Nusra Front militants and who captured 124 UN soldiers.

By Roi Kais and Ahiya Raved



Sounds of heavy fighting continued Friday afternoon on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights where Bashar Assad’s army continued in efforts to dislodge the al-Qaeda affiliated militants who recently captured areas surrounding the Quneitra border crossing with Israel.

UN troops at an observation post along the Israel-Syria border. (Photo: EPA)

UN troops at an observation post along the Israel-Syria border. – Photo: EPA

Despite a steady flow of reinforcements to the area alongside increased strikes from the Syrian Air Force, soldiers had yet to see success in their counter-offensive and the flag of al-Qaeda continued flying from the tops of buildings along the border. Continue Reading »

Golan Peacekeepers now to be Armed with Machine Guns

UNSC upgrades UNDOF peacekeepers with machine guns, extra body armor & more armored vehicles.

By Gil Ronen


The UN Security Council on Thursday backed UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights carrying machine guns, as fallout from the Syria war increases in the ceasefire zone, AFP reported.

UN base outside of Quneitra, Golan Heights – Photo IsraelandStuffPP

UN base outside of Quneitra, Golan Heights – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP 

The 15-member council passed a resolution to extend the mandate of the force, which monitors a three-decade-old ceasefire between Syria and Israel, but which called on Syrian government and opposition fighters to stay out of the zone.

The council strongly condemned three abductions of UN peacekeepers in the Golan since March and expressed “grave concern” at violations of the 1974 ceasefire accord. Continue Reading »

IDF on High Alert on its Border with Syria

Israel’s forces are on high alert in the Golan Heights as Rebel forces enter DMZ & begin to take pot-shots into Israel.

By Chana Ya’ar


IDF forces are on high alert in the Golan Heights, carefully scrutinizing the border with Syria, as opposition forces begin to consider a new target: Israel.

Syrian rebels have penetrated the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating Syria from Israel. The status of the area respected by both Israel and Syria since the end of the Yom Kippur War, though both are technically still at war, is apparently respected no longer.

In a video posted Saturday on the Internet by Syrian opposition forces, the rebels are seen in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights DMZ, firing guns right next to a U.N. Continue Reading »