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Jerusalem prohibits former gov’t official from participating in U.S. anti-terrorism case

Israel’s decision draws criticism from families of victims of Palestinian terrorism, that Jerusalem is caving under Chinese pressure.



The Israeli government is prohibiting a former security official from testifying in an anti-terrorism case in an American court, drawing accusations from victims of Palestinian violence that it is bowing to pressure from China.

A woman walks past a Bank of China sign in Bejing,

Bank of China sign in Bejing,- Photo: Reuters

In a petition to an American federal court, the government asked to quash the deposition subpoena issued to Uzi Shaya, who could have tipped the scales in a case filed by families of victims of suicide bombers who accuse the Bank of China of facilitating terrorist funding via branches in the United States.

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US feels betrayed after Israel backsteps out of terror suit

The White House & Congress upset at Israel’s decision to back out of trial against Bank of China for its involvement in laundering money for Hamas & the Islamic Jihad.

The reason for Israel’s retreat: China conditioned Netanyahu’s state visit on promise from Jerusalem not to testify in trial.

Now, the US is threatening to subpoena Israel’s Ambassador Oren

By Shimon Shiffer

Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren was called back to Israel to take part in an emergency meeting convened this weekend by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so that Oren could pass on  messages sent by the US administration and Congress in the wake of tensions between the two countries. Continue Reading »