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Assad sends threat to Netanyahu: ‘Next time we’ll attack Ben Gurion airport’

Russian President Putin passes a ‘message’ from Assad to PM Netanyahu: ‘Syrian honor is above all else. Attack us one more time, we’ll launch Scud missiles at Ben-Gurion Airport.’

By Mordechai Sones


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad today sent a threat to Israel through Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that if Israel attacked targets in the country again, Syria would respond by firing Scud missiles at Ben-Gurion Airport. “Syrian honor is above all else,” Assad told Putin, who replied that he would convey the message to Israel.

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and President Vladimir Putin of Russia met in Moscow to discuss the military operations in Syria.

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Lebanese Report: Assad in underground Bunker


Syria leader has moved into an underground bunker with his staff, reported by a Lebanese newspaper that’s close to Damascus.

By Gil Ronen


Lebanese newspaper Aldiyar, which is considered to be close to Syria’s official leadership, reported Saturday that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is in an undergtound bunker at an unknown location, where he is staying along with his senior staff and other unknown senior officials.

President Bashar al-Assad – AFP photo

The bunker is serving as an operational headquarters in advance of the US attack on Syrian targets that is expected to take place by Monday at the latest.

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Report: Assad & Family now in Iran


Daily Lebanese newspaper reports President Bashar al-Assad & his family safely arrived in Tehran for talks on a possible U.S.-U.K. Strike.

By Gil Ronen


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and members of his family are in Tehran, after they arrived at Homeini Airport in the presidential plane Tuesday night, sources in Iran’s foreign ministry told the website of Lebanese newsaper a-NaharThe news did not receive confirmation from other official sources.

Assad on state television channel Al-Ikhbariya – AFP photo

Daily newspaper Israel Hayom, which cites the report, notes that a-Nahar is considered close to Hezbollah as well as to the leadership in Syria and Iran. Continue Reading »

Hizbullah is feeling the crunch of heavy losses in Syria



The Lebanon-based terrorist group has buried up to 250 fighters thus far, including a few high ranking officials. Their political loss in the EU doesn’t help any.

By Chana Ya’ar


The Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist organization is taking heavy losses in Syria, according to a report released by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC).

Coffin of Hizbullah terrorist killed in Syria – Reuters

The assessment, sent to media this week, indicates the terror group’s involvement in the two-year-long savage civil war across Israel’s northern border has cost Hizbullah more than 180 men.

In addition, several hundred more of its guerrilla fighters have been wounded in the effort to keep Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power, ITIC estimates. Continue Reading »

Assad: For Supporting Al-Qaeda, the West Will Pay Dearly

Syrian President says his regime’s defeat is not an option and warns the West that supporting Al-Qaeda will cost them heavily down the road.

By Elad Benari


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned the West on Wednesday that it will pay a heavy price for its alleged support of Al-Qaeda in Syria. According to AFP, Assad said his regime’s defeat is not an option.

Syrian President Bashar Assad – Photo: AP

He made the comments in an interview with state television Al-Ikhbariya, in which he said the West is playing with fire.

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Michael Oren: Chemical Weapons in Rebels Hands Would be ‘Game Changer’

Israeli ambassador to US says that evidence of chemical weapons being passed to terrorist would be a “red line for Israel”.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren warned Sunday that any evidence of chemical weapons being passed from the Assad regime to terrorist groups like Hizbullah would be a “red line for Israel” and could constitute military action.

While Oren could not confirm recent claims that the Syrian regime is mixing and moving components for the deadly sarin nerve gas, he said that Israel is watching the situation “very carefully.”

“Were those weapons to pass into the wrong hands — Huzbullah’s hands, for example — that would be a game-changer for us,” Oren told “Fox News Sunday.”  Continue Reading »

U.S. Report: Syria Preparing Chemicals for using Sarin Gas

U.S. official report that Syrian Engineers that are working for Assad are combining the 2 chemical precursors needed to weaponize sarin gas.

By Elad Benari


Engineers working for President Bashar Al-Assad’s regime in Syria have begun combining the two chemical precursors needed to weaponize sarin gas, an American official with knowledge of the situation told Wired.com’s Danger Room on Monday.

International observers are now more worried than they’ve even been that the Damascus government could use its nerve agent stockpile to slaughter its own people, the report said.

The U.S. doesn’t know why the Syrian military made the move, which began in the middle of last week and is taking place in central Syria, nor are they sure why the Assad government is transferring some weapons to different locations within the country, as the New York Times reported on Monday. Continue Reading »

WSJ Report: US watching Syria move its chemical weapons stockpiles

The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. intelligence shows Syria has started to move some of its sizable arsenal of chemical weapons out of storage facilities• “This could set the precedent of weapons of mass destruction being used under our watch” • Over 200 people massacred yesterday by Syrian government forces, activists say.

By Reuters & the Israel Hayom Staff


WASHINGTON — U.S. officials said that Syria has started to move part of its chemical weapons arsenal out of storage facilities, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Archive photo of experts dismantling chemical warheads in Russia in 2006.
Photo credit: AP

The country’s undeclared stockpiles of sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide have long worried U.S.

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