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US based Tyson Foods invests $2.2M in Israeli biotech that grows meat in labs

Tyson Foods, the largest US meat processor, invests $2.2 million in Jerusalem-based biotech firm, Future Meat Technologies,  one of several companies working on technology to supply increased demand for meat without depleting the planet’s resources.

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


Tyson Foods, the largest U.S. meat processor, has invested in an Israeli biotech company developing a way to grow affordable meat in a laboratory that takes live animals out of the equation.

Future Meat Technologies focuses on producing fat and muscle cells that are the core building blocks of meat, and is one of several firms working on technology to meet the world’s rising demand for meat without adding more pressure on land from livestock. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem to snub UNESCO prize honoring Israel’s innovative Volcani Institute

In light of UNESCO’s overtly anti-Israel character, Jerusalem has decided not to attend the 2017 Life Sciences ceremony, awarding this year’s prize to the Israeli research center, which is part of the Agriculture Ministry.
• “The prize awarded to the Volcani Institute will not serve as a fig leaf to legitimize the political resolutions of this organization, which harm the State of Israel,” commented an Israeli gov’t official.

By Itamar Eichner


The United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) has chosen to honor the Israeli Volcani Institute, but the Israeli government has decided to snub the event.

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett and Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel have decided, in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Office, that the institute would not accept the prize as part of steps Israel is taking against UNESCO for its anti-Israel resolutions. Continue Reading »

Israeli agriculture center wins UNESCO global prize for innovation


A first for the UN body to award Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center the life sciences award.
• Volcani Center director said, This is a ‘great achievement for the state and underscores our contribution not just to science but to international cooperation for ensuring food security for future generations.’

By Danielle Roth-Avneri


The Agricultural Research Organization Volcani Center, a government-run institute in central Israel known for its groundbreaking discoveries, is among the three winners of the UNESCO Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences for 2017.

The Cohen family, Dr. Dai and Uri Ariel at presentation of the “Hadar strawberry,” named after Hadar Cohen kill by a terrorist in Jerusalem.  

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Kibbutz to export hundreds of millions of flies to Croatia and Bosnia

Israeli bio-tech company will send sterilized flies to be dispersed in orchards along the Croatia-Bosnia border helping farmers combat pests using natural biological techniques.

By Ynet


BioBee, a bio-tech company on Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu concentrating on the field of biological pest management in agriculture, has won a massive tender with the International Atomic Energy Agency to supply of 400 million sterile flies, in the wake of a successful similar project last fall.

Flies in the lab (Photo: Roi Idan)
Flies in the lab – Photo: Roi Idan


According to BioBee, the flies will be dispersed in orchards along the border areas of Croatia and Bosnia over a period of several months. Continue Reading »