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Israel Air Force set to sign $11 billion military aircraft deal with Boeing

Other than acquiring new refueling tanker, Chinook transport helicopters etc, new jet-fighters developed from the original F-15 will be a completely new edition with Israeli avionics and be known as the IA F-15 (an acronym for Israel Advanced) and would include improved features, including certain stealth capabilities.
• The deal is expected to be spread out over 10 years. Last Boeing deal was 20 years ago.

By Yoav Limor


Israel is considering the purchase of new F-15 fighter jets for its air force as part of the largest defense deal in Israel’s history.

The deal with aircraft manufacturer Boeing, worth a combined $11 billion, is likely to include three main components: A fleet of fighter jets, a fleet of transport helicopters and aerial refueling tankers. Continue Reading »

The hidden deals behind European leaders’ defending Iran’s Nuke Deal

Airbus, the European airline consortium has a $19B deal threatened, with over a billion dollars in French automobile sales; Germany’s Volkswagen to suffer big-time, so it’s understandable why Germany, Britain and France will likely seek exemptions for their firms should President Trump pull out of nuclear deal.

By Israel Hayom


From airplanes to oilfields, billions of dollars are on the line for international corporations as U.S. President Donald Trump weighs whether to pull the United States out of Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers.

The 2015 deal lifted crippling economic sanctions from Iran in exchange for a pledge from Iran to curb its military nuclear efforts. Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force unveils joint Israel-US ballistic missile interceptors


WATCH: The Arrow system, developed and produced by Israeli Aerospace Industries in partnership with Boeing, was transferred to an undisclosed air force bases in Israel to become operational after successful testing by both Israel and the United States.

By i24news – AFP


The Israeli army on Wednesday received new ballistic missile interceptors that significantly upgrade the Jewish state’s aerial defense systems in the face of “emerging threats,” the defense ministry said.

The Arrow 3 interceptor, designed to shoot down missiles above the atmosphere, was handed to air force bases in Israel after successful testing by Israel and the United States at the end of 2015. Continue Reading »

Israeli NGO threatens Boeing with lawsuit over deal with Iran


In the last two years Shurat Hadin – the Israel Law Center, has won blockbuster judgments against the Palestinian Authority & Iran, and now says Iran needs to pay lost court debts before it can purchase the planes.



Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Center on Thursday told US aerospace giant Boeing that it will place liens on any of its airplanes slated for Iran if it goes through with an announced sale.

Boeing company as seen in Los Angeles, California, US. – Photo: REUTERS

The NGO represents hundreds of families of victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorism who hold billions of dollars in unsatisfied US court judgments, and it says Iran needs to pay the debts before it can purchase the planes. Continue Reading »

Israel national airliner El Al orders 9 Boeing 787 Dreamliners in $2.2 billion deal

El Al currently operates an exclusively Boeing fleet of 42 aircraft, saying the orders are both to replace the older aircraft and to expand its fleet.

By i24news


Israel’s flag carrier El Al announced Thursday that it has ordered up to nine 787 aircraft from Boeing and will lease six more from private leasing firms.

A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner lands after its first flight at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington on September 17, 2013 – Photo: Stephen Brashear/Getty/AFP/File

The catalogue price value of the new orders from Boeing is about $2.2 billion.

Boeing will record three of the planes on its official orders list and the others will be added as El Al and Boeing finalize commitments, the two companies said. Continue Reading »

Both Israel & US Developing Laser Beams to Intercept Mortar Shells

Following the unprecedented success of IDF’s Iron Dome against Hamas’ terror-rockets, another new system is being developed to neutralize deadly mortar fire cheaply & effectively.

By Hillel Fendel


Mortar shells are less powerful than Katyusha rockets, but have been lethally used against Israel by terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War and Operation Protective Edge. Both Boeing and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Ltd. (Israel’s second largest defense company) are working on laser defense systems against this threat.

IsraelDefense reports that Rafael’s system is known as Iron Beam, and could become operational within five years. Boeing, too, is working on a system, called “High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator”, which could be ready by mid-to-late 2017. Continue Reading »