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Bulgarian gov’t is expected to blame Hezbollah & ally Iran for Burgas attack

The investigative report on the bombing in the airport of Burgas last July that killed 5 Israeli tourists allegedly blames Hezbollah & Iran.



U.S. officials reportedly have said that Bulgaria will blame Hezbollah and Iran for a terrorist attack that killed five Israelis last year in the Balkan state.

The bus that was destroyed in the Burgas terrorist attack – Reuters

The bus that was destroyed in the Burgas terrorist attack – Reuters

Unidentified U.S. and Middle East officials who were briefed on the findings told the Wall Street Journal that Bulgaria’s government is expected to release an investigative report this week containing theses conclusions.

The report is about the July 18 bus bombing that took place in Burgas, Bulgaria, and was aimed at Israeli tourists there. Continue Reading »

Report: Hezbollah, Iran joined forces for int’l terrorism

Counter-terrorism study reports Hezbollah-Quds Force threat “eclipsed that of al-Qaida”. Their violence targets Israeli officials & tourists.



BERLIN – The head of the Washington Institute’s Stein Program on Counter-terrorism and Intelligence, Dr. Matthew Levitt, on Wednesday issued a report detailing the intensified and reorganized collaboration between Hezbollah and Iran’s Quds Force to commit terror acts against Western countries and Israel.

Iran revolutionary guardsAccording to the report, “the Hezbollah-Quds Force threat has sometimes eclipsed that of al-Qaida.“ The 17-page study notes that “Iranian decision-makers settled on a campaign of violence based on a three-tiered threat stream targeting the following: Israeli tourists, government figures (diplomats, retired officials), and targets broadly representative of Israel or the Jewish community (community leaders, prominent Israeli companies).”

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Bulgaria Official: No Hezbollah connection to deadly Burgas attack

Bulgarian Foreign Ministry denies Israeli reports that Burgas probe links Lebanese terror group to 2012 airport terrorist attack on Israeli tourists.



The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry on Friday denied a Channel 2 report alleging that an investigation, set to be made public in the near future, will link Hezbollah to the July 2012 Burgas bombing that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver.

ZAKA worker at site of bombing. Photo by Avigdor Shatran

On Thursday, Channel 2 reported that the Bulgarian investigation found the Lebanese terror organization was behind the deadly bombing. The same day, however, a contradicting report appeared in Bulgarian media stating that Bulgaria has no evidence of Hezbollah’s involvement in the bombing.

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Not Surprising Report: Hizbullah Behind Burgas Bombing

Thursday, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov paid a surprise visit to Israel & shared their updates, confirming Israeli allegations on the Burgas bombing investigation.


By Maayana Miskin


Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov paid an unannounced visit to Israel on Thursday. Mladenov updated Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres on Bulgaria’s progress in investigating the terrorist attack in Burgas last year in which five Israelis and one Bulgarian were murdered.

The bus that was destroyed in the Burgas terrorist attack – Reuters

The bus that was destroyed in the Burgas terrorist attack – Reuters

According to Channel 2, the report found the Hizbullah was behind the fatal bombing.

Bulgaria’s Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, is updating European leaders regarding Bulgaria’s findings. Continue Reading »

Senior Investigator Bumped from Bulgaria Bombing Probe

After sensitive information was revealed to the public, Bulgarian officials removed a senior detective from the investigation that killed five Israelis in Burgas.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


Bulgarian officials have removed a senior investigator from a probe into a tourist bus bomb attack that killed five Israelis, after she revealed sensitive information to the media.

The state-run news agency BTA reported Monday that Stanelia Karadzhova, head of the regional investigation unit in Burgas, the location where last July’s attack took place, had been taken off the case because “she spoke to the media without clearing her statement with the supervising prosecutor.” Continue Reading »

Bulgaria police ID bombing accomplice of July’s Burgas tourist-bus

Bulgarian authorities are seeking man who helped suicide bomber cause the deaths of 5 Israeli tourists in July, Bulgarian media reports.



Bulgarian authorities have discovered the real identity of one of several men involved in the July bombing of a bus in the city of Burgas, in which five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed, Bulgarian news agency Novinite reported on Thursday. This marks the first instance of a real identity being discovered in the case. The bomber and an additional accomplice are thus far known by their aliases only.

Burgas accomplice – Photo: Courtesy Bulgaria Foriegn Ministry

Bulgarian authorities were searching for the suspected accomplice to the bomber, whose name they did not release.

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Spain: Burgas probe ‘essential’ for EU’s ban of Hezbollah

Spain’s deputy FM says the investigation’s findings into bombing of Israeli bus in Bulgaria are “essential“ for the EU process to list Hezbollah as a terror entity.



The results of Bulgaria’s investigation into the possible role of Hezbollah in July’s suicide bombing there of an Israeli tour bus “will be essential“ for the EU process to list the Lebanese organization as a terrorist entity, Spain’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gonzalo de Benito said on Wednesday.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Jerusalem Post from Abuja, Nigeria, de Benito, whose title is secretary of state for foreign affairs, said of a proposed blacklisting of Hezbollah, “We want to take the decision with our European countries and are waiting for the report” from Bulgaria.

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A EU ban on Hezbollah depends on Burgas bombing

Status change of Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist organization rests on outcome of Bulgaria suicide bombing inquiry.



BERLIN – In deciding whether to list Hezbollah as a terrorist group, the EU will consider as a key factor the outcome of the Bulgarian inquiry into the July suicide bombing that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver, French Ambassador to Israel Christophe Bigot told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

Lebanon's Hezbollah militants chant slogans

Lebanon’s Hezbollah militants chant slogans – Photo: REUTERS/Sharif Karim

“Our British friends would like to put Hezbollah’s military wing on the terror list,” said Bigot, adding that the “main element is what is the outcome of the inquiry in Bulgaria,” he said in a telephone interview with the Post.

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Burgas terror victim walks for 1st time since bombing

Daniel Fahima is exhibiting rapid recovery & his father says, “he wants to prove he has beaten the terrorists”

By Carmit Reuven


The medical state of Daniel Fahima, the man who was most seriously injured in the Burgas terror attack in July, is improving. On Tuesday, Fahima managed to stand up for the first time since he was hurt.

Daniel Fahima (left) with his friend Maor Harush (center), who was killed in Burgas.

“Daniel remembers the attack and is determined to heal in order to prevail over terror,” his father, Maxim, said. “Two of his friends, Elior Priess and Maor Harush, were killed in the bombing, as were three other Israelis. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem and Bulgaria divided over responsibility for Burgas attack

Israel positive Iran & Hezbollah planned the terror attack that killed 5 Israelis, but Bulgaria not so sure.


Israeli and Bulgarian differences over apportioning blame for the July terrorist attack in Burgas surfaced at a joint press conference between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Metodiev Borisov on Tuesday.

The Burgas Airport in Bulgaria. - Photo: REUTERS

The Burgas Airport in Bulgaria. – Photo: REUTERS

Within hours of the attack that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver, Netanyahu said that Hezbollah and Iran were behind the attack. The Bulgarian authorities, who have yet to make an arrest in the case, have not yet formally pointed a finger at any group.

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The Shadow Wars of Israel and Iran

Just enough ambiguity where the seed of doubt  makes it difficult for Israel or the US to respond

By and


BERLIN — A magnetic bomb detonated on a diplomatic car in New Delhi. The police uncovered a cache of explosives at a golf course in the Kenyan city of Mombasa. Five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed in an attack outside the airport in the Black Sea coastal city of Burgas.

New Delhi

A car belonging to the Israeli embassy following a bomb blast in New Delhi, India, Monday, Feb. 13, 2012 – Photo by AP

These were just a few of what some Israeli and American intelligence officials say were nearly a dozen plots that form the backbone of a continuing offensive by Iran and Hezbollah against Israel and its allies abroad.
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Bulgaria police release new image of Burgas suicide bomber

Image of Burgas Terror Bomber along with Accomplices To Be Released soon

By Atara Arbesfeld


On Tuesday, Bulgarian Tourism Minister Delian Dobrev announced that forensic experts will soon be able to generate an image of the suicide bomber who killed six in the July 18 bus attack against Israelis in Burgas, according to the AFP.


A computer-generated image of the suicide bomber in the July 18, 2012 terror attack.

A computer-generated image released by Bulgarian police of the suicide bomber in the July 18, 2012 terror attack in Burgas. – Photo by AP


“The investigation into the attack is making progress and we have succeeded in recreating 95 percent of the face of the murderer,” Dobrev reportedly told President Shimon Peres of Israel during a meeting in Jerusalem. Continue Reading »