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Israel to Get Squadron of F-35 Stealth Jets in $2.7 Billion Dollar Deal

Amid high political tensions in US-Israel relations, Israeli Ministry of Defense announced Tuesday that the $2.7 billion dollar deal encompasses the acquisition of 19 “stealth” aircraft.

By Uzi Baruch and Tova Dvorin


US-Israeli relations have suffered tremendously over the past month, with the State Department making multiple condemnations against Israel for both building Jewish homes in Jerusalem and for increasing its fight against Palestinian Arab terror.

However, it has not damaged the military cooperation between them, as the Israel Aerospace Industries, together with representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Defense announced Tuesday that Israel will acquire a new squadron of F-35 jets from the US Army and Lockheed-Martin. Continue Reading »

Ya’alon ‘leaked’ the truth so U.S. administration insists on explicit apology

Obama administration official says Minister Ya’alon’s explanation was inadequate & seeks an apology to his counterpart Chuck Hagel for ‘offensive and highly disappointing comments.’


The Obama administration is insisting on an explicit apology from Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon and is refusing to make do with his widely-reported conversation on Thursday with Defense Secretary Hagel.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon – Photo: Olivier Fitoussi

Contrary to claims that Ya’alon has already apologized, a senior administration official said last night “Minister Ya’alon has not offered an apology to Secretary Hagel or any other member of the U.S. Government for his offensive and highly disappointing comments, which do not reflect the depth of our security cooperation and the enduring relationship between the United States and Israel.” Continue Reading »

Hagel: US sanctions & Israeli threats brought Iran to nuclear talks


U.S. Secretary of Defense says he does not think Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to sabotage nuclear talks.

Rouhani agrees with Ayatollah Khamenei, saying he isn’t optimistic about the results of nuclear talks with West.




Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s threats of military action against Iranian nuclear sites, combined with the pressure of harsh Western sanctions that crippled the Iranian economy, might have helped bring the Islamic Republic to the negotiating table, US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said, according to a Bloomberg report on Monday.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at a press conference.- Photo: REUTER/SYuri Gripas

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at a press conference.- Photo: REUTER/SYuri Gripas

“It’s true that sanctions – not just US sanctions but UN sanctions, multilateral sanctions – have done tremendous economic damage,” Hagel told Jeffrey Goldberg last week.

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Israel to get 6 V-22 Osprey aircraft for Special Units


U.S. Defense Secretary Hagel says delivery of tilt-rotor aircraft would be ‘expedited’, meaning  as early as within next 2 years.

By Ynet

The United States will provide Israel with six 22 Osprey aircraft as part of its military aid, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced at an Anti-Defamation League conference in New York on Thursday.

V-22 Osprey - Photo: EPA

V-22 Osprey – Photo: EPA


The tilt-rotor aircraft were used by the US military in Afghanistan.

Hagel said the delivery would be “expedited,” meaning “Israel will get six V-22s out of the next order to go on the assembly line, and they will be compatible with other (Israeli defense) capabilities.” Continue Reading »

Hagel to Finalize Mideast Arms Deal with Israel, UAE & Saudi Arabia

The $10 billion arms deal with Israel, the UAE & Saudi Arabia will see the U.S. providing troop transports, warplanes & missiles.

By Elad Benari, Canada



The U.S. Defense Department is expected to finalize a $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates next week that will provide missiles, warplanes and troop transports to help them counter any future threat from Iran, according to a Friday report in The New York Times.

HagelA week-long visit to the region by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will culminate a year of secret negotiations on a deal that Congressional officials said will be second only to the $29.5 billion sale of F-15 aircraft to Saudi Arabia announced in 2010, said the report. Continue Reading »

Pentagon to invest additional $395.9 million in Iron Dome

Washington intends to allocate $220 million in 2014, $176 million in 2015 for Iron Dome missile defense systems protecting Israel.

Hagel plans visit to Israel next week to discuss common military projects.


The United States plans to finance the Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile by the amount of $220 million for the fiscal year 2014, despite the US’s budget cuts.

According Missile Defense Agency (MDA), the Pentagon plans to spend $220.3 million on the Iron Dome.

The Pentagon, which had already spent $204 million in 2011 and $70 million in 2012, also foresees a budget of 176 million for the Iron Dome system in 2015. Continue Reading »

Hagel’s Meeting with Barak is Described as ‘Warm’

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Defense Minister Ehud Barak that the U.S. will continue to provide Israel with military aid.

By David Lev


Despite the tight fiscal situation in Washington, the U.S. will continue to provide Israel with military aid, newly installed U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Defense Minister Ehud Barak Tuesday. The two met in Washington, where Barak is visiting, after attending the annual AIPAC meeting this week.

HagelBarak met Hagel at the Pentagon, and was received by an honor guard, and a warm embrace from the Defense Secretary. During his opening public remarks, Hagel said that the U.S. Continue Reading »

Apparently AIPAC went AWOL

Hagel finally won confirmation by a 58-to-41 vote, facing the greatest number of “no” votes against any Secretary of Defense in US history.
– George C. Marshall in 1950 came in a distant second, with just 11 no’s.

By Daniel Pipes


Chuck Hagel’s notorious 2008 statement about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the leading institution of the pro-Israel lobby, claimed that “the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here [in Congress]. I’m a United States senator. I’m not an Israeli senator.”

US Vice President addresses AIPAC – Photo: AP

Then a strange thing happened: No sooner did U.S.

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Chuck Hagel: U.S. Should ‘Reverse Optics’ in its Relationship With Jewish state

Former senator Chuck Hagel does not elaborate on his claim or explain how he believes Israel is keeping “Palestinians caged up like animals,” according to the Journal Star report. The comment is, however, consistent with Hagel’s long anti-Israel & anti-Jewish record.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


The National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations recently published a recording of a speech given by former senator Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama’s highly controversial nominee for secretary of defense, in which he said that the United States has to “reverse optics” in its relationship with the state of Israel.

Chuck HagelIn order to restore its credibility as an honest broker between Israelis and Palestinians, America has to “reverse optics” in its ties with the Jewish state, the former Republican senator from Nebraska said in 2007, as first reported by Breitbart.com. Continue Reading »