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Legal dispute over: Germany resumes ritual circumcisions

Ministry issues new legislation protecting family’s right to religious circumcision after court bans practice, outraging Germany’s Muslims and Jews.


BERLIN – Shopkeeper Nevzat Cavan is rushing to meet orders for the white, fur-trimmed costumes worn by Muslim boys for their circumcision, relieved that Berlin’s city government has allowed the operations to resume.

A circumcision ceremony in Bnei Brak

A circumcision ceremony – Photo: Gil Cohen Magen / Reuters

For three months, the elaborate suits, capes and oriental slippers languished unsold due to a shock court ruling that raised the possibility of criminal charges being brought against families who had their sons circumcised.

“There were days when we didn’t even open the till, but now the phone never stops ringing,” Turkish-born Cavan said.

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New Report: Health benefits of circumcision validated

In a new American Academy of Pediatrics report set to be released Monday, specific benefits include prevention of penile cancer, urinary tract infections, & the transmission of some sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

By Israel Hayom Staff

Amid the recent uproar among Jewish communities around the world and in Israel over a recent ruling by a German regional court to outlaw male circumcision, the American Academy of Pediatrics is set to release a new report on Monday validating evidence that indicates the health benefits of newborn circumcision.

According to the academy’s report, the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks and justify access to the procedure for families who choose it.

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Jews Outraged as Circumcision Becomes an Issue in Denmark

An ex-Jew in Denmark said: Circumcision is a ritual in which ‘black-clad men’ mutilate a baby. Needless to say, Jewish communities outraged.

By Elad Benari


After Germany, where attempts to ban circumcision have caused an uproar, the issue is now making headlines in Denmark as well.

The anti-circumcision campaign in Denmark began already several years ago, but seems to have reached new heights, after an article published in the local Politiken newspaper described circumcision as a ritual involving ten people wearing black clothes and which abuses and tortures the baby.

The article was written by Kjeld Koplev, a Danish journalist who converted from Judaism to Christianity. Continue Reading »

First German Rabbi faces criminal charges over anti-circumcision ruling

Rabbi David Goldberg accused of committing ‘bodily harm’ in first case since German court ruling banning religious circumcisions in May

By Ynet


A German rabbi has been criminally charged for performing a circumcision, committing what the indictment calls “bodily harm,” media outlets reported on Tuesday.

Archives Photo: AP

Archives Photo: AP

The lawsuit against David Goldberg, who is a mohel and the Rabbi of the city of Hof Saale in Bavaria, is the first known case following the anti-circumcision ruling issued by a German court in May.

According to media reports, the charges were filed by a physician from the city of Hessen, and was based on the court ruling which stated that performing a religious circumcision ritual can be considered a crime. Continue Reading »

Norwegian children’s watchdog: Replace circumcision with symbolic ritual

Children’s watchdog, Dr. Anne Lindboe,  says Circumcising boys violates their right to decide over their own body.



Norway’s ombudsman for children’s rights has proposed that Jews and Muslims replace male circumcision with a symbolic, nonsurgical ritual.

Circumcision protest

Anti-circumcision movements have been gaining momentum: A demonstration in Canada. – Photo by Reuters

Dr. Anne Lindboe told the newspaper Vart Land last month that circumcising boys was a violation of their right to decide over their own body.

“Muslim and Jewish children are entitled to the same protection as all other children,” Lindboe said, adding that the practice caused unnecessary pain and was medically unbeneficial. Continue Reading »

The Bundestag defends circumcision after Cologne ban

Resolution allowing religious circumcision passes in German parliament, decision would overrule Cologne court.



Germany’s lower house of parliament passed a resolution on Thursday to protect the religious circumcision of infant boys after a district court ban on the practice outraged Muslims and Jews and sparked an emotional debate in the country.

The main political parties have criticized the ruling by a Cologne court and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has promised a new law to make clear doctors or families will not be punished for carrying out the procedure.

Rabbi listens to debate on circumcision in Germany - Photo: REUTERS

Rabbi listens to debate on circumcision in Germany – Photo: REUTERS

The speed with which lawmakers agreed on the terms of the motion underscored sensitivity to charges of intolerance in a country haunted by its Nazi past. Continue Reading »

Merkel: Germany will soon become a laughingstock over our circumcision ban

Germany’s Chancellor told party members she didn’t want Germany to be the ‘only country in which Jews cannot practice their rites’


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel told her party the country risked becoming a “laughingstock” over a court ruling calling religious circumcision a criminal act, according to a report Monday.

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Photo: AFP

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel – Photo: AFP

The mass-circulation daily Bild said in an article to be published Tuesday that Merkel warned the board of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) that Germany must restore legal protection for circumcision.

“I do not want Germany to be the only country in the world in which Jews cannot practice their rites,” Bild quoted Merkel as saying, citing several CDU members who attended the meeting. Continue Reading »

Tzohar rabbis to start secular-friendly brit milah program in Israel

Chairman of religious Zionist group: goal is to provide parents with an ‘informed and compassionate partner’ so they can ‘appreciate the importance of this historical Jewish custom.’



The Tzohar rabbinical organization, which helps to involve non-religious couples and their families in religious wedding ceremonies, is introducing a brit milah program “friendly” to non-observant Jews in Israel.

Illustration: An infant boy at his ‘secular-friendly’ circumcision.
– Photo by Phillip Pasmanick

The initiative, which will help parents circumcise their sons according to normative Jewish law, was born in response to the rising number of couples foregoing ritual circumcision, the organization said in a press release. Continue Reading »

Hospital in Berlin suspends circumcisions after recent court ban.

Is the second exodus for Jews out of Germany coming? Seems like Jews won’t be able to practice their religion in Germany anymore after a recent court ruling banning circumcision for less than 18 year olds.

By YourJewishNews.com/Shifra Unger


Jewish ritual circumcision.

Jewish ritual circumcision.

The Jewish Hospital of Berlin has decided to suspend all circumcisions of children for religious grounds following the ruling by a German court, a hospital spokesman said Friday.

“We are suspending circumcisions until the legal situation is clarified,” said Gerhard Nerlich, a hospital spokesman, citing the head of internal medicine Kristof Graf.
The Jewish hospital in Berlin (JKB) performs 300 circumcisions a year, including 100 for religious reasons and the rest for medical reasons. Continue Reading »

Arab Father: I Don’t Want This Baby; He’s Jewish

An Arab who fathered a baby with a Jewish woman rejected keeping him and said, “This boy is Jewish. I don’t want him.”


An Arab who fathered a baby with a Jewish woman rejected keeping him six months later, and he brought the boy to the mother, who had fled, and said, “This boy is Jewish. I don’t want him.”

The bizarre story was revealed by the anti-missionary Yad L’Achim organization, which also works to rescue Jewish women from Arab homes where they often are captive.

Circumcision for Jewish baby saved from Arabs

Circumcision for Jewish baby saved from Arabs - Photo: Yad L'Achim

The baby boy, now a circumcised Jew and in the hands of his mother, was born during the Sukkot holiday last year, when an anonymous nurse alerted Yad L’Achim that a young Jewish woman seems to be suffering anguish over the birth of her boy, fathered by an Arab. Continue Reading »

Circumcision tied to lower prostate cancer risk, U.S. study shows

Study jibes with scientific reports that wives and girlfriends of circumcised men have lower rates of infection with viruses which in rare cases may lead to cervical and other cancers.Circumcised men may have a slightly lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who still have their foreskin, according to a U.S. study.

circumcision  May 15, 2011.

A newborn baby following his Bris, a Jewish circumcision ceremony in San Francisco, May 15, 2011. - Photo by AP

The World Health Organization already recommends the controversial procedure based on research showing it lowers heterosexual men’s risk of contracting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Last year scientists also reported that wives and girlfriends of circumcised men had lower rates of infection with human papillomavirus or HPV, which in rare cases may lead to cervical and other cancers. Continue Reading »