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Norway’s Parliament rejects bill to label Israeli products from West Bank

The failure of the label bill proposal ended a long anti-Israel campaign by Norway’s pro-Palestinian NGOs to force adherence to decrees passed by the European Court of Justice.
– Oslo legislator stresses that dialogue must supersede boycotts.

By Ariel Kahana


The Norwegian Parliament rejected a motion to label imported Israeli products manufactured in Judea and Samaria, Israel Hayom learned Monday. The bill was presented two weeks ago by left-wing parties, including the Norwegian Labor Party, but was voted down by the coalition parties and other non-affiliated parties in the Oslo legislator.

The European Union’s top court ruled in November 2019 that EU countries must identify products made in Israeli settlements on their labels. Continue Reading »

Norway’s Ruling coalition instructs gov’t to freeze aid to Palestinians

The ruling coalition members of the Norwegian Parliament sent a letter instructing the government to reduce or withhold financial payments to Palestinian Authority over “references to violence, martyrdom and terror” being taught in PA school books.
– The statement read, “The coalition considers this to be devastating…and finds it unacceptable that Norwegian funds support a school system that promotes such destructive values.”

By Marcy Oster/JTA,


Parliament members in Norway, one of the world’s main donors to the Palestinian Authority, demanded these contributions be suspended over incitement in school textbooks.

Members of the ruling coalition said in a statement Thursday that it is instructing the government to “reduce or withhold financial support to the Palestinian Authority if they do not provide satisfactory improvements in school materials” soon. Continue Reading »

Palestinian leaders welcome Oslo ban of ‘Jewish settlement’ products

Fatah welcomes Norway’s outlawing municipal departments and other local authorities from purchasing goods or services from Jewish communities that operate in Judea and Samaria, be they Israeli or international corporations.

By Elad Benari


Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement on Wednesday welcomed the decision of the newly-installed Oslo City Council to ban Israeli “settlement” goods and services from public procurements as part of the Norwegian capital’s platform for 2019-2023.

“Stressing the illegal status of Israeli settlement on Palestinian lands as a violation of international law, referring to the 2016 United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 that reaffirmed the illegality of the settlements under international law, and recalling the well-known special commitment of the great Norwegian Nation to international law and human rights the Fatah movement welcomes the decision of the newly installed City Council of Oslo to ban Israeli settlement goods and services from public procurements as part of Oslo’s platform for 2019-2023,” said the spokesman of Fatah in Europe, Jamal Nazzal, in a statement quoted by the PA’s official Wafa news agency. Continue Reading »

Israel arrests Norwegian embassy driver for attempt to smuggle out antiquities


Norwegian Embassy chauffeur, Issa Najam of East Jerusalem, was stopped and arrested while attempting to leave the country, while driving a senior Norwegian diplomat in official diplomatic vehicle.

By i24news


Hidden Antiquities found in a Norwegian diplomatic vehicle on May 31, 2016, at the Allenby – Israel Tax Authority

A chauffeur for Israel’s Norwegian Embassy was arrested last week at the Allenby Crossing to Jordan for allegedly trying to smuggle 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of antiquities out of the country, the Times of Israel reported on Monday, citing a Tax Authority statement.

The driver, named as Issa Najam of East Jerusalem, was stopped at the crossing while in an official diplomatic vehicle and accompanied by a senior Norwegian diplomat, according to the Times of Israel. Continue Reading »

Norway questions Abbas over aid used to fund terror


Foreign Ministry Director-General thanks Norway for making it clear to Abbas that it would not continue giving financial aid that’s passed on to jailed terrorists & their families.

By Nitsan Keidar


Foreign Ministry Director-General Dr. Dore Gold thanked Norwegian Ambassador Jon Hanssen-Bauer for his country taking Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to task over his use of foreign funds to pay jailed terrorists.

Binyamin Netanyahu, Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende – Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) late last month released a report revealing Abbas’s ploy to fool the West and continue receiving its annual budget from abroad for over $1 billion. Continue Reading »

Norwegian councilman seeks to disassociate from immoral Arab Nablus as ‘Twin City’


view videoLocal politician from Stavanger, Norway calls to cut ties with Nablus after learning that the Palestinian governed city names squares after deceased terrorists, suicide-bombers responsible for the deaths of dozens of random civilian Israelis.

 By Channel 20


A local Norwegian politician has called for the cancelation of his city’s twinning arrangement with Nablus after it was revealed that a monument praising terrorism was erected in the Palestinian city.

According to an exposé by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the Nablus municipality had named a town square after Naif Abu Sharah, who was involved in a number of terrorist attacks – the most notable of which was the double suicide attack in Tel Aviv on January 5, 2003, which killed 23 and wounded dozens. Continue Reading »

Norwegian Doctor Receives Life-Long Ban from Entering Gaza

Israel cites security concerns in Mads Gilbert’s ‘Persona Non Grata’ status, who co-authored an anti-Semitic flap letter and also was in Hamas’ ‘hideout hospital’ during Operation Protective Edge.

By Ari Yashar


Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor with a long record as an anti-Israel activist, has been banned by Israel from visiting Gaza for life for reasons of security after almost 30 years of frequenting the terror stronghold.

Mads Gilbert

Mads Gilbert – Reuters

Gilbert told the Norwegian NRK that during Operation Protective Edge this summer he worked at Shifa Hospital in Gaza, which Hamas used as a hideout for its top terrorist leaders. Continue Reading »

A Moment of Lucidity? Norway Delays Meeting of Int’l Funding for PA

Norway explains that ‘the present situation is not conducive’ to a AHLC donor meeting, in light of the kidnapping by Palestinian Authority ‘unity partner’ Hamas.

By Ari Yashar


Norway announced Tuesday that it was delaying the meeting of an international donor group for the Palestinian Authority (PA), planned for next week, in light of the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers last Thursday by Hamas terrorists.

The Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC), which is responsible for coordinating international funding of the PA and is chaired by Norway, was set to meet in Oslo on June 25.

“The situation is not conducive to having an AHLC meeting at this point,” Norwegian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Frode Andersen told AFP. Continue Reading »

Norwegian Students Indoctrinated with Anti-Israel Propaganda in Language Exam

Discredited libelous report from Gaza by Marxist Mads Gilbert presented as fact to over 40,000 Norwegian students in language test.

By Gil Ronen


A Norwegian-language test administered to over 40,000 high-school students across Norway, included blatant anti-Israel propaganda. One of the questions presented a photo of a graffiti drawing by a British street artist on Israel’s security barrier and an SMS sent by Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert from Gaza during the Cast Lead counter-terror offensive in 2009, and asked to analyze the drawing and text.

Gilbert’s SMS says:

"They bombed the central vegetable market in Gaza
 city two hours ago.
Continue Reading »

Denmark & Norway allow male circumcision under gov’t guidelines



Resisting calls to ban the non-medical circumcision of boys, the governments of Norway and Denmark have taken steps to preserve the practice’s legal status.

Health Minister Bent Høie on the podium at the Parliament in Oslo. - Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord/NTB Scanpix

Health Minister Bent Høie on the podium at the Parliament in Oslo. – Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord/NTB Scanpix

Norway’s health ministry has submitted a bill that proposes placing some limitations and fees on ritual circumcision but not banning it outright, while Denmark’s health board issued guidelines stating that the practice is legal.

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Norwegian FM: World refuses to bankroll Palestinians with blank-check forever


Espen Barth Eide praised Israelis for taking a very ‘difficult’ step in releasing prisoners, saying now the PA must also make concessions, and if progress is not made, ‘donations’ will stop.



Both the Palestinians and Israel should know that the world will not bankroll Palestinian Authority state-building forever, and that if progress is not made the donations will stop, Norway’s Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday.

Espen Barth Eide meet with PA President Abbas August 27, 2013.

Espen Barth Eide meet with PA President Abbas August 27, 2013. – Photo: REUTERS

“The donors will not be ready to keep funding Palestinian state-building much longer if we are not seeing a political horizon,” said Eide.

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Norwegian daily prints Anti-Semitic cartoon of gory circumcision

‘Cartoon crossed all lines of decency & is dripping with hate & anti-Semitism’ says President of the European Jewish Congress


A leading Norwegian daily  published a caricature depicting what some construed to be Jews torturing a baby during a circumcision.

The anti-Semitic cartoon published in Norway’s Dagbladet, Tuesday - Photo screenshot, Dagbladet.no

Anti-Semitic cartoon published in Norway’s Dagbladet, Tuesday – Photo: screenshot, Dagbladet.no

The caricature that appeared Tuesday in the Dagbladet newspaper –- the country’s third largest in terms of circulation — showed police officers looking on as a bearded man wearing a black hat and black coat sticks a three-tooth pitchfork into the head of a blood-soaked baby while holding a book.

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EU’s Ashton, Germany’s Merkel & Norwegian FM Eide all say Israel has right to defend itself

German chancellor blames Hamas for escalation

EU foreign affairs chief calls for stop to rocket attacks.

Norwegian FM “It is Right & Important that Israel Defends itself!”



European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and German Chancellor Angela Merkel both issued strong statements in support of Israel’s right to defend itself on Friday.

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton - Photo: REUTERS/Kimmo Mantyla/Lehtikuva

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton – Photo: REUTERS/Kimmo Mantyla/Lehtikuva

Ashton added that she hoped Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil’s visit to Gazaon Friday morning would calm the situation.“The rocket attacks by Hamas and other factions in Gaza, which began this current crisis are totally unacceptable for any government and must stop,” she said.

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Norwegian children’s watchdog: Replace circumcision with symbolic ritual

Children’s watchdog, Dr. Anne Lindboe,  says Circumcising boys violates their right to decide over their own body.



Norway’s ombudsman for children’s rights has proposed that Jews and Muslims replace male circumcision with a symbolic, nonsurgical ritual.

Circumcision protest

Anti-circumcision movements have been gaining momentum: A demonstration in Canada. – Photo by Reuters

Dr. Anne Lindboe told the newspaper Vart Land last month that circumcising boys was a violation of their right to decide over their own body.

“Muslim and Jewish children are entitled to the same protection as all other children,” Lindboe said, adding that the practice caused unnecessary pain and was medically unbeneficial. Continue Reading »

Norwegian Student Fire Brands Jew with Burning Coin

Fear and loathing for Jews in Norway: A high school student grilled a coin at a barbecue and burned it into the neck of a Jewish boy.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu



Anti-Semitism in Norway reached new depths this week when a high school student literally fire branded a Jewish student with a red-hot coin that was grilled at school barbecue. Even worse for the Jewish community was the reaction from the school – silence.

Fire branded. This is the burns the Jewish student sustained at a school barbecue, Monday, June 11, 2012. MIFF stresses that they have been unable to verify the story from another source.
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