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‘Eitan’ – Tests completed for the most advanced APC in the world

WATCH VIDEO: ‘Eitan,’ Israel’s newest armored personnel carrier in the IDF, complete with RAFAEL’s ‘Trophy system,’ providing 100% protection against any kind of anti-tank missiles attack, has successfully passed a series of tests on Israel’s tough terrain.

By Rafael Levi


The Administration for Merkava and Armored Combat Vehicles in the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the Ground Forces and the Nahal Brigade, have completed a series of extensive tests on the “Eitan” armored personnel carrier.

The tests examined “Eitan’s” performance in difficult terrain in various areas of the country, from the Golan Heights to southern Israel, as well as its performance on the road. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Czech Army sought to acquire Israel’s APC, the ‘Namer’

According to a defense magazine report, the Czech army requested to purchase the IDF’s Namer APC, considered one of the world’s most fortified.
– WATCH ‘Namer’ video

By Tzvi Lev


The Czech army was highly impressed by the Israeli-made Namer APC, and requested the right to purchase it, the Below The Turret defense magazine reported.

According to the report, the Czech army asked Israel to buy the Namer, (Hebrew for “leopard”) to replace its aging Soviet-made BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. The report said further that the Namer was among nine finalists, but Israel didn’t respond with a price quote in time for the deadline. Continue Reading »

IDF general: Latest Merkava Mark IV tank & Eitan APC will ensure superiority on battlefield


Both the Merkava MK4 Barack and  Eitan APC are designed with dozens of sensors to identify the enemy, and advanced defense systems such as the Trophy active protection system.
– Watch video clip.



The Armored Corps will soon have cutting-edge vehicles capable of winning decisive victories, Brig.- Gen. Baruch Matzliach, head of the Merkava Tank Directorate, said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the Second International Ground Warfare and Logistics Conference at Latrun, west of Jerusalem, Matzliach said that Armored Corps combat teams will soon have a range of integrated vehicles, including the Merkava MK4 “Barack” (or Lightning) main battle tank that is currently being developed. Continue Reading »