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‘Eitan’ – Tests completed for the most advanced APC in the world

WATCH VIDEO: ‘Eitan,’ Israel’s newest armored personnel carrier in the IDF, complete with RAFAEL’s ‘Trophy system,’ providing 100% protection against any kind of anti-tank missiles attack, has successfully passed a series of tests on Israel’s tough terrain.

By Rafael Levi


The Administration for Merkava and Armored Combat Vehicles in the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the Ground Forces and the Nahal Brigade, have completed a series of extensive tests on the “Eitan” armored personnel carrier.

The tests examined “Eitan’s” performance in difficult terrain in various areas of the country, from the Golan Heights to southern Israel, as well as its performance on the road. Continue Reading »

IDF News UPDATES: Pilot armored corps program for female combat soldiers fails

After female trainees dropped out of pilot program to serve in armored corps units, IDF command decides to cancel project.
– More on Iran, Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorism.

Arutz Sheva Staff


The pilot program for female soldiers in the IDF armored corps failed after two of the twelve female recruits dropped out during basic training.

Female IDF soldiers in combat training – IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit

As part of the pilot program, the IDF sought to have three female soldiers serve in a tank and work together with one male soldier.

Following the dropouts, the IDF plans to examine whether the tanks can be manned by an all-female crew. Continue Reading »

IDF’s training female soldiers as tank crew successfully moving forward

Preparing to qualify as an IDF tank crew member, 15 handpicked women have been undergoing special training, a first in IDF history, performing maneuvers on Merkava Mark III tanks, and will continue through the next eight months until the program’s conclusion.

By Yoav Zitun


Despite a relatively low profile, the past few days have seen commencement of the main and most meaningful step in the IDF’s new project allowing women to serve in tank crews for the first time in the army’s history.

Two weeks ago, 15 infantry corps female soldiers were handpicked to participate in this experimental program at the conclusion of the four-month gunner training course at the Ktzi’ot training base, where female combat soldiers from the Caracal Battalion are trained. Continue Reading »

Watch: IDF’s new upgraded ‘Namer’ APC for counter-terrorism urban warfare


The IDF announced the new upgraded ‘Namer’ APC, has Merkava Tank armor, is outfitted with the Trophy anti-tank missile protection system and now with a 30 mm cannon to improve its urban warfare capabilities.

By Tzvi Lev


The IDF’s Ground Forces Command and the Merkava Tank Division of the Defense Ministry announced that the ‘Namer’ Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) will be getting a 30 mm cannon, and has now reached the experimental stage. The move is part of an IDF’s effort to upgrade its urban warfare capabilities.

Israel’s ‘Namer’ APC, has Merkava Tank armor, is outfitted with the Trophy anti-tank missile protection system and now with a 30 mm cannon. Continue Reading »

Gaza escalates tension, fires 2nd rocket at Israel, with IDF tanks destroying Hamas position


Because the Gaza rocket was tracked to explode in an open field in southern Israel, neither Iron Dome or the “Red Alert” warning siren were activated.

By Elad Benari


Gaza terrorists fired a rocket towards southern Israel overnight Sunday. The rocket exploded in an open area near the security fence in the Eshkol Regional Council.

IDF tanks – Photo Courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Office

There were no injuries and or damages. The “Red Alert” incoming rocket siren was not sounds because the rocket exploded in an open area.

Following the rocket attack, IDF forces using a tank attacked a position belonging to Hamas in southern Gaza. Continue Reading »

IDF tank kills Palestinian inside ‘no-go zone’ on Gaza-Israel border


IDF spotters identify three Palestinians entering no-go area of the Gaza border fence last night, which led to tank fire.
• IDF investigating whether the 3 were attempting to plant an explosive device on the border fence.

By Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy


An 18-year-old Palestinian man was killed was another was wounded overnight Tuesday from IDF fire near the Gaza border fence, according to Palestinian reports.

The IDF said that three Palestinians were spotted making their way towards the Gaza border fence in southern Gaza and arouse the suspicion of IDF lookouts.

Female members of the infantry battalion, “Lions of Jordan”.

Continue Reading »

IDF begins training women to become integrated as tank crew members


IDF launches pilot program, with the training of 15 women that will begin this coming summer, after completing their basic training. “We’re giving this a real chance,” says Armored Corps chief Brig. Gen. Guy Hasson.

By Lilach Shoval


The military on Thursday launched a pilot program in which women will be trained as tank operators. The program is part of the IDF’s efforts to increase gender integration in infantry combat units.

The screening process for suitable candidates among new recruits is already underway, the IDF said. The pilot will include 15 women, who will begin training in the summer after completing basic training. Continue Reading »

IDF rolls out new field-proven equipment after Armored Corps Battalion exercise


view videoIDF welcomes a few new battle-field equipment:
• Backtrail follows armored vehicles in any terrain holding up to 8 tons of supplies & munitions.
• Camel II water distribution system delivers full water tanks to field units.
• “Crane truck” allows tanks’ motors to be replaced on the battle-field.

By Lilach Shoval


The Israel Defense Forces is adding a number of new pieces of logistics equipment to its stocks with aim of improving operations in battle, particularly when it comes to supplying soldiers with water and other needs. The new equipment was tested and proved successful in an exercise the Armored Corps’ 7th Battalion conducted a few weeks ago. Continue Reading »

WATCH: New logistics trailers for heavy armored IDF vehicles set to roll


view videoIDF’s armored corps are acquiring the 2-wheeled Backtrails trailers, that can carry 8 tons of logistical equipment and can be attached to the Namer & Achzarit APC’s, as well as all IDF tanks currently in service.



Command is set to receive dozens of advanced logistical trailers for heavy armored vehicles, designed to improve the ability of units to conduct lengthy offenses.

The two-wheeled Backtrails, produced by the Netanya- based Urdan company, took four years to develop, and came after the IDF experienced severe logistical failures during the 2006 Second Lebanon War, according to Avi Raz, military marketing manager at Urdan. Continue Reading »

Israel’s ‘Namer’ APCs with Trophy system rolling into service


view videoWATCH: Since the Trophy system uses radar to detect & track threats before destroying them in mid-air, the new ‘Namers’ will be able to enter battlegrounds with anti-tank & RPG threats, and safely transport infantry or evacuate the wounded.


A number of Namer armored personnel carriers made over the past two months have been equipped with the Trophy HV active protection system, which destroys anti-tank missiles and rocket-propelled grenades in mid-air, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

At the end of January, the Defense Ministry revealed that the first Namer armored personnel carrier equipped with the system, made by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, had come off the production line. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF’s 1st ‘Namer’ APC with Trophy anti-missile system unveiled


view videoIsrael’s Rafael-produced Trophy system equipped ‘Namer’ APCs will be able to enter battlegrounds under anti-tank & RPG threats, safely transport infantry or evacuate injured, even in the face of multiple, simultaneous rocket/missile threats.



The Defense Ministry unveiled on Thursday the first Namer armored personnel carrier equipped with the Trophy HV active protection system.

Continue Reading »

IDF Command Rejects Female Integration Into Tank Crews

After conducting extensive trials, Israel’s army rejects allowing female recruits to join the Armored Corps tank crews.

By Yoav Zitun


A series of trials conducted in recent months by GOC Army Headquarters – in coordination with the Medical Corps – concluded that female soldiers could not serve as combat troops in the IDF’s Armored Corps.

Tank crews from the Seventh Brigade’s 75th Battalion train with their new Merkava Mk. 4 tanks. – Photo courtesy: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT

The field tests were undertaken as part of an IDF initiative to increase the number of combat positions available to women.

“Medical Corps officials examined the workloads and noted that integrating female soldiers into tanks was harmful,” a senior Army officer told Ynet. Continue Reading »