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First UAE student arrives in Israel to attend University

19 yr-old Mansour Bin Sameh al-Marzuki from the UAE, arrives to a warm welcome at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya where he will pursue a bachelor’s degree in government studies.

By Yossi Aloni


A festive reception was held for the first student from the United Arab Emirates to begin studying in Israel – Mansour Bin Sameh al-Marzuki, 19, is enrolled at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (IDC). The historic event was hosted by Prof. Uriel Reichman, President and Founder of IDC Herzliya, and was held in the presence of the United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador to Israel, Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Khaja.

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13 Yr-Old Israeli Girl Develops Oxygen Producing System for Space

Through a process of photosynthesis, the budding young Israeli scientist’s satellite will produce oxygen in space.

By Ruthie Blum


A 13-year-old Israeli girl has invented a system for the production of oxygen in space, the Hebrew youth paper Ma’ariv L’Noar reported on Thursday, along with an interview with the budding tween scientist from Ramat Hasharon.

The recent winner of the “Satellite Is Born” award from the Israel Space Agency, Roni Oron developed BioSat “to solve a problem for astronauts trying to prove that life on Mars is possible.”

Budding Israeli scientist, Roni Oron, with her oxygen production device. – Photo: Family photo.

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Austrian Students’ Union rejects BDS campaign as ‘Antisemitic Boycott of Israel’

The anti-BDS resolution, passed by the Austrian National Union of Students, was nearly unanimous with no opposing votes and only a single abstention to the pledge ‘never to remain silent when antisemitism appears.’



The Austrian National Union of Students passed on Friday a motion against BDS, saying that the boycott movement targeting Israel is antisemitic, and that its demands recall the Nazis’ economic war against Jewish businesses.

It is believed to be the first time an Austrian national student union has passed such a resolution.

The Austrian Jewish students group announced on its Facebook page: “We are very happy to announce that the Austrian Students Union is the first national student union to officially pass a resolution denouncing BDS and also passing a version of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA definition of antisemitism. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: NYU Graduate Student Union’s pro-BDS resolution nullified as illicit


The student group’s BDS resolution is indeed “contrary to the position of the International Union” and is void of “force or effect,” said the group’s parent union.


NEW YORK – Two months after the Graduate Student Union at New York University voted to join the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement against Israel, the decision was repealed this week by the group’s parent union, the United Auto Workers (UAW). The decision came after some members of the student union (GSOC) had filed an official appeal asking to reverse the resolution for violating the UWA constitution’s own bylaws. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Austrian student association rejects BDS, rebukes American & British universities


Rejection of BDS by the University of Vienna student group is believed to the first major European student organization opposing all the anti-Semitic & anti-Israel academic initiatives in Europe & the US.


Berlin – Student association at the University of Vienna issued a statement on Wednesday, declaring their opposition to every form of anti-Semitism, including the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement targeting Israel.

Members of the young Jewish community attend a commemoration ceremony for Holocaust victims in front of the synagogue in Vienna [File] – Photo: REUTERS

“As student representatives it is important for us to criticize the academic boycott against Israel, which entirely excludes Israeli academics,” the student council of the University of Vienna said. Continue Reading »

Study: Intel, Google top two employers sought after by graduates in Israel


The survey was conducted among 2,200 participating undergraduate students in academic colleges & universities throughout Israel.



A majority of students want to work at hi-tech companies upon graduation, according to a BDI-COFACE study released on Monday.

Intel’s offices in Petah Tikva

Intel’s offices in Petah Tikva: Intel Israel accounts for a fifth of the country’s high-tech exports. – Photo: REUTERS

Thirty-one percent of college and university students want to work at hi-tech companies even if they are not studying in the exact sciences. Fifteen percent said they want to work in services, 13% in finance, and 4% in education.

Leading the list of the 50 most sought after firms to work in were Intel, Google and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Continue Reading »

2nd time Turkish students detained at Auschwitz for Nazi salute


The two Turkish students could face 2 years each in prison for public promotion of Nazi symbols.




Two Turkish tourists were detained by guards at the Auschwitz museum for appearing to make a Nazi salute.

The entrance to the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz

The entrance to the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. – Photo: Reuters

The tourists, a man and a woman, both 22, were taking pictures of each other in front of the gate to the former Nazi death camp under the iconic sign “Arbeit macht frei,” or “Work makes you free,” and allegedly raised their right hands in the gesture of a Nazi salute. Continue Reading »

American Studies leaders back Israeli boycott, ask members to vote

The 20-member national council approved the boycott resolution unanimously, but full body endorsement is still pending.

The boycott will not inhibit collaboration with individual Israeli academics, the statement said.




The American Studies Association leadership on Wednesday endorsed a boycott of Israeli universities, but also sought the approval of the body’s 5,000 members.The decision follows a contentious debate at the group’s annual meeting last month and 10 days of deliberations that were supposed to last a morning. The boycott resolution was approved unanimously by the 20-member national council.
Students at an Israeli university relax on the lawn.

Students at an Israeli university relax on the lawn.

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Pro-Palestinian Students Deal Blow to UK Campus Harmony

10 months ago a Free Palestine Society debate at the university was deemed “one of the worst examples of hate speech in recent years”. Little has changed.

By Charlotte Oliver


A university campus known as a hotbed of anti-Israel activity is once more in the spotlight after students condemned what they termed Israeli attacks on Palestinians’ right to education.

Middlesex University

Middlesex University

The students’ union at Middlesex University in north London has put up a plaque claiming that: “Checkpoints, attacks on universities and limitations on movement seriously hinder the ability of students in Palestine to learn.”

The plaque marks the twinning of the union with Al Quds University students’ union, which it describes as being located in “Jerusalem, Palestine”. Continue Reading »

Israeli Druze Students studying in Syria return home for summer break

Expressing their ambivalence at the prospect of returning

, dozens of Druze studying in Syria returned to Israel for their summer break, recall experiences & hardship of studying in a country at war.

Hassan Shaalan

Dozens of Druze students returned Thursday from Damascus to their Golan Heights homes to a slew of hugs and tears of joy on the part of their families.

התקבלו בשלום ובברכה (צילום: אביהו שפירא)

Students return from Syria – Photo: Avihu Shapira

A number of them spoke to Ynet and recalled the fear shrouding the country and expressed reservation regarding the prospect of returning to Bashar Assad‘s war-torn Syria for the remainder of their studies. Continue Reading »

Gaza Students Advocate Genocide by Cleaning the World of Jews

The Muslim Arab student group posts cartoon with ‘Palestinian’ throwing ‘Symbol of Judaism’ in the trash.

By Maayana Miskin


The Hamas-affiliated student union in Gaza published a cartoon Tuesday in which a person whose body is made of a Palestinian Authority flag is seen throwing a Star of David – one of the best-known Jewish symbols – into a garbage can.

Hamas cartoon – Israel news photo screenshot

Hamas cartoon – Israel news photo screenshot

Text under the picture says, “Keep the world clean.”

The cartoon uses a Star of David rather than an explicitly Israeli symbol, indicating that it is meant to refer to Judaism or the Jewish nation as a whole and not the state of Israel alone. Continue Reading »

Egypt arrested 4 students for ‘Harlem Shake’ video

4 pharmaceutical students from Cairo invoke the wrath of Egyptian authorities after posting lude Harlem Shake version.

Officials: ‘Scandalous act’.

View Clip….judge for yourselves.



Egyptian police said Saturday they have arrested four students who filmed themselves publicly dancing in their underwear, as more people around the world emulate a viral dance craze called the “Harlem Shake.”

The four pharmaceutical students shocked residents of a middle class Cairo neighbourhood when they removed most of their clothes and videotaped themselves performing the pelvis-thrusting dance, a police official said.

The hostile audience tried to assault the students, who are accused of committing “a scandalous act,” the official added. Continue Reading »

High Court demands gov’t explain tax exemption for only yeshiva students

High Court Justices order state to explain why only the yeshiva students are exempt from municipal tax where as students living in dormitories or other educational institutions are not exempt.

The head of the Hebrew University Student Union says the new regulation is discriminatory.

Edna Adato


High Court justices Elyakim Rubinstein, Yoram Danziger and Uri Shoham issued a decree on Thursday ordering the state to explain within the next four months why yeshiva students are exempt from paying municipal tax while students living in dormitories at other educational institutions are not.

According to a regulation implemented last year, yeshiva students are exempt from paying municipal tax, while students living in dormitories at other educational institutions are not.

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9 PhD students to receive Adams fellowships

Fellowships equal upwards of $100,000; each student will also receive exemption from tuition.


Nine doctoral students in the sciences will receive a total of $1 million in stipends for up to four years of PhD studies donated by Canadian philanthropist Marcel Adams.

Each student will also receive an exemption from tuition. The nine students will be presented with their fellowships at the annual Adams Seminar on May 20 at the Israel Academy of Sciences.

Marcel Adams meets with previous recepients - Photo: Israel Academy of Sciences
Marcel Adams meets with previous recipients – Photo: Israel Academy of Sciences

Graduates of the fellowship program are currently conducting postdoctoral training in universities around the world, including Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Cornell.

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Suicide Attempts Cause Facebook Controversy

Activists call to allow teachers greater Facebook freedom as two students attempt suicide over comments on site.



Two young students attempted suicide this week over bullying, some of which took place on the social networking site Facebook. Now some activists say the tragic case may have been preventable, and are calling on the Education Ministry to change its rules regarding Facebook use.

Rabbi Shai Piron of the Hakol Chinuch movement called Thursday for the Education Ministry to allow teachers to “friend” their students on Facebook. Currently, teachers are forbidden to have any contact with students on social networking sites. Continue Reading »