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WATCH: Religious Jews’ ‘Wedding Dance’ in Jordanian airport causes massive controversy


After posted on YouTube as a “Victory Dance”… “celebrating the mass murder of Arab men, women, & children. The mass rape & torture of young women & children,” it aroused anger on Jordanian social media & in the their parliament.


A group of Israeli Hassidim are being accused of carrying out a “ritual Talmudic dance” on Tuesday morning while waiting to board their plane in Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

dancing Jews

What was in fact a traditional Jewish circle dance, accompanied by guitar music and Hebrew singing, has morphed into a social media controversy in Jordan, and was considered so offensive to Jordanians that it had to be denounced in the Jordanian parliament. Continue Reading »

Ban on Shabbat candles leads Hasidic Jews to leave Welsh resort


Despite efforts to mediate between the university and visiting Orthodox Jews, the ban on Shabbat candles drove the hasidim from the seaside resort to take their holidays elsewhere this year.



Hasidim looking to vacation on the Welsh seaside are scrambling to find alternate arrangements after Aberystwyth University banned the use of candles in its residences.

File:Shabbat Candles.jpg

Shabbat Candles – Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Hundreds of Orthodox Jews have vacationed in the resort for over two decades, according to The Telegraph. Hasidim have traditionally taken up summer residence in Petre Jane Morgan, a university housing complex across a footbridge from the main campus.

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Brooklyn College supports BDS event, anti-Israel conference

Despite uproar after college’s political science department sponsors anti-Israel conference, BDS event goes ahead.

NEW YORK- Brooklyn College on Thursday evening hosted an event hosted by the Students for Justice in Palestine, during which two speakers, and dozens of their supporters, called for the boycott, divestment and sanctioning of the State of Israel.

Palestinians call for a boycott

Palestinians call for a boycott – Photo: REUTERS

The evening went ahead as planned despite an uproar that ensued after the public college’s political science department officially sponsored the event, sparking a debate over the weight of such a sponsorship and its appropriateness in an academic environment.

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