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Alan Dershowitz: Ilhan Omar still exposing her “ignorance and bigotry”

US Congresswoman Omar encourages Hamas and Islamic Jihad to fire rockets on Israeli cities by placing blame on the Israeli victims, for what she calls the “cycle of violence,” but has no condemnation on those very groups for initiating terrorist rocket-attacks on the Israeli civilians, or for using their people as human shields.



All decent people should be outraged at the terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip that fired 698 rockets at Israeli civilians – killing four, injuring 234 and traumatizing thousands of innocent children. Imagine what other countries, including the United States, would do if lethal rockets targeted their civilians. Continue Reading »

Trump’s Jerusalem decision counters Obama’s spiteful UNSC vote that changed American policy

President Obama’s motive for changing the status quo of Jerusalem at the UN Security Council was personal, not patriotic. His decision to allow the immoral, anti-Israel vote to be passed was bad for America, for peace, and for America’s closest ally, Israel. Obama would never have done it except as a lame duck, for it was simply an act of a single vengeful individual who put a personal pique over American policy.

– Alan Dershowitz: The Jerusalem conflict is all Barack Obama’s Fault 

By Alan Dershowitz


The U.S. acted properly in vetoing a misguided U.N. Security Council resolution designed to undo President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Continue Reading »

Dershowitz: ‘The Obama legacy will go into the dustbin of history’


view videoWATCH: Prof. Alan Dershowitz, a longtime Democrat and once Obama supporter,  comes out with a scathing criticism of Obama’s conduct vis-a-vis Israel, the US’s closest ally in the mid-East.

By Ben Ariel, Canada


Prominent author and Harvard Professor Emeritus of Law Alan Dershowitz sharply criticized President Barack Obama in an interview with the Israel Hayom newspaper on Friday, saying he believes “Obama will join Jimmy Carter as somebody who will always stand against Israel, but who will be tossed into the dustbin of history when it comes to the Middle East.”

Dershowitz said he believes once U.S. President-elect Donald Trump takes office on January 20, there would be nothing left of the hostility of the current administration toward Israel. Continue Reading »

Professor Alan Dershowitz: Ignore Int’l Law, it’s out of date, unjust

Israel legal advocate urges Israel to act as it sees fit on Iran. Int’l law is ‘a construct in the mind of a bunch of left wing academics.’


Video: Professor Alan Dershowitz explains irrelevancy of Int’l Laws

By Gil Ronen



Esteemed advocate Alan Dershowitz says that Israel should ignore international law when deciding how to deal with Iran.

Professor Alan Dershowitz: Obama is making a mistake with P5+1 agreement – Photo: Dudi Vaaknin

International law is “a construct in the mind of a bunch of left wing academics,” he said, in a lecture at the Institute of National Strategic Studies in Tel Aviv last week “There is no basis for international law in any reality. Continue Reading »

Column One: Dershowitz & Current Realities

Dershowitz apparently does not think that it is important to focus on the nature of things in the Islamic world, the realities, rather, he places his faith in his power to shape the future through his intellect & his willingness to compromise.



There are two main reasons that many leftists who are viscerally supportive of Israel have difficulty understanding and defending the Jewish state today. First, the storyline about Israel is deeply distorted.
Alan Dershowitz at Jpost Conference

Alan Dershowitz at Jpost Conference – Photo: Screenshot

For instance, this week, Freedom House released its annual report on press freedom around the world.

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Langfan’s Op-Ed challenges Dershowitz’s peace plan

Attorney Mark Langfan’s open letter on Arutz Sheva leads to Prof. Alan Dershowitz’ re-thinking his support for the 1970 Allon Plan.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Prof. Alan Dershowitz, appearing at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York this week, spoke about his plan to restart the peace talks. Dershowitz, who has not official position in Israel, spoke to PA President Mahmoud Abbas and suggested a version of the Allon Plan of 1970. His suggestion for a “tripartite settlement freeze” was panned by Israel’s Minister of International Affairs, Yuval Steinitz, as well as by former National Security Advisor to PM Netanyahu, Dr. Continue Reading »

A Controversial Advocate or Grand Pretender

Yeshiva University criticized for presenting award to former President Carter after decades of demonizing Israel.


Pro-Israel activists have launched a campaign to prevent a Jewish university from presenting anti-Israel former President Jimmy Carter with the school’s “International Advocate for Peace Award.”

Jimmy CarterYeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law is scheduled to present Carter with the award on Wednesday, leading former alumni and pro-Israel advocates to galvanize in opposition to what they say is the former president’s anti-Israel views.

“I can’t imagine a worse candidate for any kind of a human rights award,” Harvard law professor and pro-Israel author Alan Dershowitz told the Washington Free Beacon Monday. Continue Reading »

Brooklyn College supports BDS event, anti-Israel conference

Despite uproar after college’s political science department sponsors anti-Israel conference, BDS event goes ahead.

NEW YORK- Brooklyn College on Thursday evening hosted an event hosted by the Students for Justice in Palestine, during which two speakers, and dozens of their supporters, called for the boycott, divestment and sanctioning of the State of Israel.

Palestinians call for a boycott

Palestinians call for a boycott – Photo: REUTERS

The evening went ahead as planned despite an uproar that ensued after the public college’s political science department officially sponsored the event, sparking a debate over the weight of such a sponsorship and its appropriateness in an academic environment.

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