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FBI arrest 2 Hezbollah trained terrorists planning attack on Israeli targets


The US Department of Justice announced arrests and indictments against two Hezbollah agents, one a resident of New York and another, a resident of Michigan, who sought out venues for terror-attacks in New York and in Panama.

By AP, Ynet


US federal authorities said they’ve interrupted efforts to identify potential terrorism targets in New York City and Panama, including US and Israeli embassies, by arresting a man in Michigan and another in New York.Court papers unsealed Thursday charge the two men with providing support to a terrorist organization.

One of the suspects, Ali Kourani, conducted surveillance of potential targets in America, including military and law enforcement facilities in New York City.-

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34 Hezbollah of 100 killed killed in battles near Damascus

US tries to coordinate military aid to opposition and still rebel officials say over 100 people died in battles on Saturday. 




Syrian opposition officials say that 34 Hezbollah fighters were killed in battles near the Damascus area on Saturday. In total, over 100 people died in the war-torn country over the weekend.

Flags of Hezbollah, Assad's Syria

Flags of Hezbollah, Assad’s Syria Photo: – REUTERS/Ali Hashisho

It is estimated that over 100,000 Syrian combatants and civilians have died since the uprising against the regime of Bashar Assad began two years ago.

Washington wants Western and Arab allies to commit to directing all aid to Syrian rebels through the Western-backed Supreme Military Council, a senior US official said before talks in Qatar on Saturday, to try to reduce the power of jihadi groups.

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