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IDF Druze medic greets wounded Syrian civilians in Arabic, ‘we’re here to help you’

Druze Israeli Staff Sgt. ‘A’ from southern Israel, who’s currently serving as a medic in the Golan Heights says he sees “the fear in the eyes” of the wounded Syrians as they cross the border to Israel, so he comforts them, saying in Arabic, “Hi, my medical team and I are here to help you.”

By Nitzi Yakov


A Druze staff sergeant from the southernmost tip of Israel is saving wounded civilians from Syria as well as wounded and injured IDF comrades.

Staff Sgt. A., 21, is deployed in the Golan Heights as a medic with the 77th medical platoon in the IDF’s Armored Corps. Continue Reading »

Meet today’s hero in uniform: Maj. ‘A’, Israel Air Force’s first Druze combat navigator

Maj. A. wanted to join the Israeli Navy’s illustrious ‘Shayetet 13’ frogmen unit, but found himself on the way to Air Force Flight Academy instead, while his fellow Druze friends took on other senior combat roles.
– “The uniforms I wear are a source of great pride to me and for the Druze sector,” admits Maj. A.

By Goel Beno


Maj. A.’s dream was to join the Shayetet 13 frogmen and dive deep underwater. Instead, he found himself flying high in the air after successfully finishing the Air Force Flight Academy and becoming the first Druze navigator in the IDF. Continue Reading »