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German Gov’t Approves 5th ‘Special’ Submarine for Israel

WATCH: By Germany giving approval for this advanced sub that can hold nuclear weapons, Israel’s defensive capabilities increase dramatically.

By Hillel Fendel


Germany has approved the delivery of the fifth of six promised submarines to Israel – amid claims that the sub will be outfitted with nuclear weapons. Is this part of Israel’s answer to the US nuclear agreement with Iran?

The German Federal Security Council, which monitors Germany’s export of military goods, has given the green light for the delivery of another submarine to Israel. The news has renewed claims that Israel will fit the sub with one or more nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. Continue Reading »

Israel’s 5th Dolphin class submarine launched in Germany

The INS Rahav is about to undertake its first long-range classified mission & can carry missiles armed with nuclear warheads, according to foreign sources.




Israel and Germany unveiled the Israel Navy’s fifth Dolphin-class submarine on Monday, at a ceremony at the German port of Kiel.

Israel's Dolphin class submarine - Photo courtesy Israel Navy

Israel’s Dolphin class submarine – Photo courtesy Israel Navy

The submarine, called the INS Rahav, is the most expensive defense platform purchased by Israel. It is set to undertake long-range classified missions that are critical for Israel’s security.

The submarine is seen by the navy as a significant “force multiplier” that will enable Israel to cope with threats in the increasingly unstable Middle East region.

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Israel’s deep-sea dominance

Op-ed: Our foes have no answer for Israel’s submarines, which guarantee regional stability

By Guy Bechor


Quietly, underwater, Israel is turning into a maritime power like the United States and Russia, with an armada of advanced submarines. Germany recently agreed to provide Israel with a sixth Dolphin submarine; the Jewish state already has three. Two more will be arriving this and next year, and then the sixth one will come.

Israeli submarines guarantee stability Photo: Shutterstock

Israeli submarines guarantee stability Photo: Shutterstock

Germany also agreed to subsidize the sixth submarine, as it did with the previous ones. The first two were given to Israel for free; the Germans paid for half of the third one, and will pay for one third of the next three. Continue Reading »