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Iran threatens the UK: Release our oil tanker, or we’ll seize UK tanker

Senior Revolutionary Guards commander warns, that If Britain does not release the Iranian oil tanker the British Royal Marines detained off Gibraltar for disregarding EU ban on oil shipments to Syria, it is Iran’s duty to seize a British oil tanker.



DUBAI – Iran should seize a British oil tanker if an Iranian tanker detained off Gibraltar earlier this week is not released immediately, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said in a tweet on Friday.

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Europe devised trade mechanism to circumvent US sanctions on Iran

Despite Iranian ballistic missile tests and exposed assassination plots on European soil, Germany, France and Britain will focus primarily with small transactions of food & medicine as a political message to the United States to show Europe defends its interests despite US sanctions.

By Reuters


PARIS/BERLIN – Germany, France and Britain have officially set up a European mechanism to facilitate non-dollar trade with Iran and circumvent US sanctions, two diplomats said on Thursday.

The EU has been preparing the system, in effect a clearing house that avoids monetary transfers in dollars between the EU and Iran, for months although it is unlikely to become operational for several months due to technical details. Continue Reading »

Tip from Mossad leads to EU adding Iranian intelligence unit to terror blacklist

Two months after Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu reveled how the Mossad “helped uncover two terrorist attacks – one in Paris, and the other one in Copenhagen, organized by the Iranian secret service,” the EU decided to put a unit of the Iranian Intelligence ministry on its terror list.

By i24NEWS – AFP


The European Union decided to put a unit of the Iranian Intelligence ministry on its terror list for planning to assassination on European soil, the Danish Foreign Ministry and EU diplomats said on Tuesday.

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Iran Very upset over Shutdown of its Satellite TV Channels

EU’s Decision to shut down 19 Eutelsat TV channels draws Tehran’s ire.
Netanyahu commends new EU sanctions.

By Gil Ronen


Iran is upset over the European Union’s decision to shut down all 19 Iranian satellite channels carried by Eutelsat, including Press TV and the Al-Alam channel in Arabic.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with European Union member state ambassadors Tuesday and commended the EU for the sanctions package it approved Monday against Iran.

“I first want to congratulate the EU for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize,” he said. “Would that we could replicate in the Middle East what was achieved in Europe. Continue Reading »

Germany considering criteria to ban Lebanon’s Hezbollah

Spokesman for German foreign ministry  says country is examining whether sufficient criteria exist to outlaw Hezbollah in EU.



BERLIN ­ – A spokesman for Germany’s foreign ministry told The Jerusalem Post on Monday that the Federal Republic was examining whether the criteria exist to outlaw the Iran-sponsored Hezbollah within the 27-member European Union.

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah speaks to supporters - Photo: REUTERS

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah speaks to supporters – Photo: REUTERS

The spokesman’s comment appears to be the first public acknowledgement that Germany is contemplating a move to ban the Islamist group.

“We are examining very carefully at this time in the EU the preconditions which could lead to a listing of Hezbollah as a terror group,” the spokesman wrote.

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Iran Banks Cut Off from SWIFT System

SWIFT, which enables most cross-border financial transfers, severs ties with 30 Iranian banks.


The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, announced Thursday that it is cutting off some 30 Iranian banks and subsidiaries from its network, as part of global efforts to punish Iran for its nuclear weapons program. The banks punished are the ones that have already been hit by European Union sanctions.

Some other Iranian banks remain unaffected by the move, which will go into effect about 48 hours after the announcement.

Noor Islamic Bank -- targeted by sanctions

Noor Islamic Bank -- targeted by sanctions - Photo: Reuters

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