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PA Official: Hamas controls Gaza, Police swapped blue Hamas uniforms for PA uniforms

On Fatah-Hamas reconciliation in Gaza, Palestinian Authority official says “We couldn’t even arrange a safe trip for Abbas to Gaza….In actuality, Hamas is in control on the ground in Gaza…It is not in our interest or desire to prevent Hamas from continuing its security-related activity in the Gaza Strip.”
• Jordanian-Palestinian communication nearly severed over Fatah-Hamas reconciliation.

Daniel Siryoti and Israel Hayom Staff


The Palestinian Authority does not have the ability to prevent Hamas or any of the other Gaza Strip-based terrorist groups from continuing to dig terror tunnels, senior PA officials told Israel Hayom on Thursday.

One senior PA official close to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told Israel Hayom that the “Palestinian reconciliation and the transfer of control [in Gaza] are on the declarative level only. Continue Reading »

Arab Media: Jordan Refused Hamas Leader Khaled Mashaal’s Request to Visit Kingdom


Although allowed to enter Jordan in 2012, King Abdullah expelled the Hamas leadership from Jordan in 1999, and according to Emirati news site 24, the King has again declared Khaled Mashaal “unwelcome” in Jordan.


Jordanian authorities denied a request by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal to visit the kingdom, the Emirati news site 24 reported on Tuesday.

Mashaal was told by the authorities that he is “unwelcome” in Jordan, according to sources in Amman.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II, pictured during a press conference in Berlin, in May 2015 – Photo: Adam Berry/AFP/File

King Abdullah expelled the Hamas leadership from Jordan in 1999, accusing the group of meddling in relations between Jordan’s large Palestinian population and the kingdom. Continue Reading »