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Israel thanks British Airways and Air France, KLM for ending flights to Iran

PM Netanyahu thanked Air France and British Airways who cited “business reasons” for terminating their flights to Iran this September, joining the Dutch airlines, KLM.
• Germany’s Lufthansa: No plans to halt flying to Iran for now.

By Eldad Beck, Ariel Kahana, Ilan Gattegno, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Major British and French airlines announced Thursday that they plan to halt flights to Iran from September, citing business reasons. The decisions come in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s reimposition of sanctions on Iran.

The Air France-KLM Skyteam Alliance ends flights to Iran, joining British Airways. – Photo: Wikimedia

British Airways said it was suspending its London to Tehran service “as the operation is currently not commercially viable.” Continue Reading »

Delta airlines SkyTeam partner KLM terminates flights to Iran over US ‎sanctions

The Dutch airline, which is part of the Delta-Air France-KLM ‘SkyTeam’ group,  also suspended its Amsterdam-Tehran route back in 2013 based solely “as a result of the negative ‎results and financial outlook,” but renewed its service in 2016, with Obama’s Iranian sanctions relief policy.

By News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


Dutch airline KLM announced Monday that it will halt ‎flights to Tehran “as a result of the negative ‎results and financial outlook” following the U.S. ‎withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear accord.‎

The airline, part of the Delta-Air France-KLM group, made ‎the announcement in a short statement on its ‎website.‎ Continue Reading »

KLM Changes Flight Service to Israel Over ‘Security Concerns’

Dutch airline to begin a 40-minute stop-over in Cyprus before entering Israeli airspace as  a move for making ‘security’ appraisal.

By Ari Yashar


The Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) reportedly announced that starting Thursday night, all flights from Amsterdam to Ben Gurion International Airport will include a stopover in Cyprus. According to reports, the move comes due to “security concerns.”

KLM - Wikipedia

KLM – Wikipedia

According to Yediot Aharonot, the change will have flights from the Netherlands stop-over in Cyprus for 40 minutes and then continue on to Israel.

The report cites KLM as saying that “due to logistical constraints the flights leaving from the afternoon from Amsterdam to Israel will have short stop-overs in Larnaca, and from there continue to Israel.” Continue Reading »