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The ‘occupation’ myth is the food that feeds antisemitic terror

The systemic, biased reactions of U.N. officials & the global corporate media that propagates attacks on Israelis are rooted in the leftist misconceptions about Zionism.



Anger at the U.N.’s “Special Rapporteur for the Palestinian Territories” Francesca Albanese for her outrageous slanders of Israel is more than justified. So is frustration and outrage about biased coverage of the Middle East in leading corporate media outlets like CNNand The New York Times of a string of deadly Palestinian terror attacks as well as recent events on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

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‘Inconvenient truth’ exposed by NYT: “Palestinian government resigns”

An oxymoron was inadvertently exposed in a New York Times headline that announced this week that the “Palestinian government resigns”. So dare I ask, ‘How is there an “occupation” if the Palestinians have their own government?’

Op-Ed by Att’y Stephen M. Flatow


“Palestinian Government Resigns,” a New York Times headline announced this week. It must have been quite a surprise to Times readers to learn that there was such a thing as a Palestinian government, since until now, all they have heard —in the Times and other major news media— is that Israel “occupies” the Palestinian Arabs.

Just last week, in fact, the Times featured an essay by pundit Michelle Alexander about what she called “the Palestinian people struggling to survive under Israeli occupation.” Continue Reading »

Netanyahu: When Israel Shows Power, No One Cares About Alleged ‘Occupation’

At a ‘closed-door’ meeting of his Likud party, PM Netanyahu reportedly tells attendees that ‘strength’ is all that matters in foreign policy, how no one worries about any so-called ‘occupation’ when genuine regional threats actually need to be addressed.

By Israel Today Staff


When Israel projects weakness, it invites the international community to make dangerous demands regarding the so-called “occupation” of Palestinian territories. Conversely, when Israel projects strength, the Palestinian issue is all but ignored in favor of more significant matters.

That was the gist of remarks reportedly made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a closed-door meeting of his Likud party on Monday. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Security arrest Palestinian-American for selling house to Jews

A family member sought the help of the U.S. State Department when his Palestinian-American relative was arrested by Mahmoud Abbas’ PA for suspicion of receiving $25,000 in the sale of a house in east Jerusalem to Jews.



Palestinian Authority security forces have arrested a Palestinian-American citizen on suspicion of involvement in a real estate transaction with Jews in east Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The man’s family has notified the US State Department of his arrest.

Palestinian sources said that the man, a resident of Bethlehem, had worked for the PA Ministry for Local Government. Continue Reading »

Palestinians reaffirm: Selling property to a Jew is “high treason”

PA Arabs who are found guilty of selling or facilitating the transfer of lands or structures to Jewish Israelis can be sentenced to death. In the past, Palestinians suspected of doing so have been kidnapped and later found dead in east Jerusalem or the West Bank.



For the second time this year, the Palestinian Islamic religious authorities in Jerusalem reaffirmed a ban on selling property to Israelis, and warned that any Palestinian involved in such transactions would be accused of “high treason.”

The latest decision on Thursday followed news that Jews had purchased a house in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Land Rights and International Law


Attempts by the United Nations and their surrogate NGO’s to politicly present Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria (a.k.a. the West Bank) as illegal, and “colonial” in nature, completely ignores the complexity of the history of the land and disregards the legal precedents of this case.​​

By IDF News


Land registries from Ottoman and British Mandate times show that local Arabs in Palestine owned approximately 8% of the land area west of the Jordan River. The vast majority of the land was state land, which was not owned by any individual. The remaining 16% was split more or less evenly between Jewish landowners and groups and absentee Arab landlords who lived outside of Palestine (mostly in Cairo, Beirut, Damascus and Constantinople). Continue Reading »

Court of Appeal of Versailles: Verdict – Israel is legal occupant of the West Bank


The historical verdict carefully ignored (forgotten?) by mainstream media, France’s 3rd Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Versailles decreed that Israel is the legal occupant of the West Bank.


Israel is the legal occupant of the West Bank, says the Court of Appeal of Versailles, France.  By JEAN-PATRICK GRUMBERG


When I first learned that the Court of Appeal of Versailles ruled that West bank settlements and occupation of Judea Samaria by Israel is unequivocally legal under international law, in a suit brought by the Palestinian Authority against Jerusalem’s light rail built by French companies Alstom and Veolia, that received no media coverage, I decided to put to work my years of Law Studies in France, and I meticulously analyzed the Court ruling. Continue Reading »

Under Arab Threats Australia Retreats Over ‘Occupied’ Jerusalem Policy

Palestinian Authority envoy to Canberra is now ‘satisfied’ after organized threat of sanctions by Arab & Islamic states prompted ‘clarification’ of policy.

By AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff


Australia’s foreign minister met Arab and Islamic ambassadors Thursday to try to soothe concerns over Canberra’s stance on eastern Jerusalem, insisting there was no policy change despite moves to stop referring to it as “occupied”.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Reuters

The meeting followed fury after Attorney-General George Brandis said the term would not be used as it carried pejorative implications and was neither appropriate nor useful.

The Palestinian Authority’s  representative in Australia reacted furiously to the statement, and threatened to organize international trade sanctions over the move. Continue Reading »

Arab nations consider boycotting Australian products over its East Jerusalem status

Australia tries to calm crisis after its Attorney General, George Brandis, said East Jerusalem should not be defined as ‘occupied.’


SYDNEY ־ Arab nations may boycott Australian goods in protest at Canberra’s “shameful” declaration last week that it will no longer refer to East Jerusalem as “occupied.”

The Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House – Photo: Bloomberg

A delegation of almost 20 ambassadors and senior diplomats – including representatives from Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – lodged a formal complaint with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia’s capital last week, local media reported.

One of the envoys, Jordanian Ambassador Rima Alaadeen, said activists were urging people to boycott Australian goods during Ramadan later this month.

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Australia’s Attorney General: East Jerusalem is not ‘occupied’ by Israel


Australia’s attorney general says, ‘The world’s description of E. Jerusalem as ‘occupied’ is a term freighted with pejorative implications which is neither appropriate nor useful.’

By Ynetnews


Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government has decided to drop the word “occupied” when describing Israel’s settlements in East Jerusalem, Australian Associated Press reported Thursday.

Australia's Attorney General George Brandis - Photo: Ray Strange / Source-TheAustralian

Australia’s Attorney General George Brandis – Photo: Ray Strange / Source-TheAustralian

According to the report, the government said it was “unhelpful” at a time when the peace process was still viable.

The move was announced following a fire debate in the Australian legislator regarding the legality of Israel’s settlements, the press agency reported. Continue Reading »

PA Report: Palestinian Authority on the brink of collapse

Achieving statehood would save the West Bank from an impending wave of violence, crime, chaos and disease, reports major Palestinian study.



The breakdown of the Palestinian Authority would turn the West Bank into a violent, criminal, chaotic, disease-ridden place. But even though most Palestinians want the PA to survive, either for the sake of basic social order or personal interest, and although Israel dreads having to resume responsibility for 3 million West Bankers, President Mahmoud Abbas’ regime will collapse before too long if Israel continues to thwart Palestinian aspirations for independence.

rocks throwing kalandia

Palestinians throwing rocks, a ubiquitous image of the Intifada.-

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Goodbye, ‘occupation’ Myth!

Op-ed: Even in purely legal terms, Israel did not occupy a single inch of Judea and Samaria

By Hagai Segal


The era of occupation in the territories ended this week. Finally. A committee headed by Judge Edmund Levy and comprising senior jurists went out on a limb by asserting that Israelis not an occupying power in Judea and Samaria; rather, it is the rightful owner.

League of Nations
Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

In diplomatic terms, this is a problematic assertion. The gentiles won’t understand how the Levy Committee’s findings fit with all the Israeli rhetoric of the past decade, ranging from former PM Sharon’s Latrun speech to current PM Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan speech. Continue Reading »